For Girls (and boys): GM Diet Day 8 weight loss – 8 lbs total

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GM Diet Weight Loss Day 7 : Zero change on the scale! Lost 7 lbs so far though.

GM Diet Day 8: -1 lbs, total lost: 8lbs!

Not really a surprise to me though, since I felt like I ate tons of red meat and calories. I also went to the gym this morning and had zero energy for cardio??? I basically did like 35 mins cardio and then some abs/stretching, that was more than enough for me.

I modified Day 7’s diet slightly from the original. Instead of having brown rice, I’m ate a gluten-free, sugar free protein bar (for breakfast – 280 cals, 20 grams of carbs, 20 grams of protein). And in the evening had protein and vegetables too: crab legs and broccoli. The reason for this is because I didn’t want to end the diet and cheat/go crazy eating pizza, chocolate and drink alcohol. I am really craving sugar…so this will do.

Here’s the chart of weight loss so far for the GM Diet:

Day 1 : Start (Fruit day)

Day 2: -2.2 lbs (Veggie Day)

Day 3: -2 Lbs (Fruit & Veggie Day)

Day 4: -1.4 lbs (Milk and bananas Day)

Day 5: 0 lbs (20 oz meat and 6 tomatoes Day)

Day 6: -1.4 lbs (feast day, all meat and veggies, any quantity)

Day 7: 0 lbs (brown rice and veggies day)

Total: -7 lbs so far, but I still have to weigh in on Day 8, which ends the first cycle (or whole cycle) of the GM Diet.



Day 8 on GM Diet weight loss  – 8 lbs total. 

For Girls (and boys) GM Diet Day 6, weight loss: 1.4 lbs, 7 lbs total so far!!!

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Day 6 of the GM Diet is “feast day” – eat as much meat and veggies as you want, and drink 14 glasses of water.

GM Diet Day 6 Weight loss: I was really happy to see the scale dip down again after the stall on Day 5. On the morning of Day 6 of the GM diet I have lost another 1.4 lbs. That means I have lost 7 lbs in 5 days of following the GM diet properly!

Day 6: I ate 4 meals: breakfast was a tomato salad. Lunch was ahi tuna steak over romaine lettuce. Snack was a light steak (2 oz) salad over tomatoes/basil and red onion. Dinner was a full steak (10 oz) with broccoli.

Day 6 was a Saturday – and seriously thank The Lord that I could actually eat that day, because we usually go out and eat and drink all day. Of course, it was a little tough to find meals eating out that I didn’t have to completely modify, but I wasn’t craving alcohol or anything, even if we did sit at the bar for both lunch and dinner.

We even went to the boardwalk in Asbury Park and sat on the beach deck at this bar called the Watermark…and I realized they had more food that I could eat at that bar than the nice restaurant we just came from during lunch! I watched my boyfriend drink another two beers and had zero desire to drink anything except water.

I had a little more energy for the gym that morning, worked out with weightlifting and a little cardio for almost an hour. My boyfriend and I went bowling at night after we had dinner too. I sucked at bowling, but we had fun. I seriously think I bowl better when I’ve loosened up with a few drinks!

At night, all I could think about was ice cream…chocolate, anything sweet! Ugggh…bread too. I settled for two of my gummy multi-vitamins!

That night – I actually dreamt that I stole a cookie from someone’s desk. And the guy started asking who stole his cookie, and because I was eating it so slowly…savoring each chocolatey chip bite…I still had half a cookie to give back to him! Lol. This diet is making me crazy…if it weren’t for the excessive weight loss, I would have quit already.

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For Girls (and boys): GM Diet Day 5 weight loss – zero!!!

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Yesterday kinda sucked. Milk and bananas day on the GM Diet went horribly. The first part of the day was fine…then towards the end of the day around 7pm I had a headache. Of course, my boyfriend suddenly gets a serious craving for cherry cheesecake ice cream!!! And so we have to find a DQ and go get the blizzard… Kinda funny, he came out with his blizzard and a banana & water for me! But my head was aching…then it was really hard for me to fall asleep that night – like – my whole body was aching, even my hands. I think my body was in potassium overdose.

GM Diet Day 5, weight Loss: Stepped on the scale on the morning after shitty milk and bananas day, and lost zero lbs from the day before. Uggh!

Day 5 menu of the GM diet is 20 ounces of beef and 6 tomatoes.

Started the day off with the gym for 45 mins, light weightlifting and like 5 mins of cardio. Came home and made myself a beef stew with 5 oz of filet mignon, tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil. Was damn good! Snacked on 2 raw tomatoes diced with basil. Then repeated the stew for dinner. I think because I had to step up the water intake to 14 glasses, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat another ten ounces of steak.

I was in a pissy mood for most of the day… Guess it was the severe diet change. Fell asleep with no problem though.

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For Girls (and boys) GM Diet Day 4, weight loss article: 1.4 lbs lost – 5.6 lbs total!

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Day 4 of the GM Diet, Weight Loss Review:

Yeah baby! There is nothing like getting on the scale every day and seeing that sucker move down! On day 4, I have lost another 1.4 lbs on the GM Diet. That makes a total of 5.6 lbs for following the diet for 3 days, since I weigh myself right when I get up in the morning.

I have to admit, I think the constant shed is a combination of the low calories, unprocessed food and exercise. Every day so far, I have eaten nothing but fruit and veggies, and today’s diet is “3 glasses of skim milk and 4 bananas” (plus 10 glasses of water and vegetable soup if I want it). I have also exercised every day (yesterday I went to the gym during lunch, and last night my boyfriend and I went bowling…sober!)

I will also admit that I was sweating a LOT during lunch at latin dance class today. Jeez. My teacher noticed and said something about it. Whatever! Then afterward, I was kinda spacey. I had a little bit of a hard time concentrating on work until I had another serving of milk and bananas.

Seriously though, I’m wondering if I will actually lose ten lbs or more on this diet by Day 7 (or Day 8)? Tomorrow is Day 5 – 20 oz of beef and 6 tomatoes. Wow…wondering if I will actually be that hungry???

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SampleTank 3 Released from IK Multimedia! Watch the video!

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Pro audio lovers have been waiting for the new version of SampleTank to come out for a loooooong time now! And from the new features and dazzling sounds offered in SampleTank 3, it has been well worth the wait!

Check out this video of SampleTank 3 for an overview of the amazing sounds inside – 33 GB library, 4000 instruments!

Visit the IK Multimedia website to get the feature list of this hot, new virtual instrument/standalone version of SampleTank 3, click here.

Thanks for reading Starr Ackerman’s Music Production Blog.

For Girls (and boys): Day 3 of the GM Diet, weight loss article – Lost 2 more lbs! 4.2 Total so far!

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GM Diet Day 3 Weight Loss:

I was hesitant to step on the scale this morning…I thought maybe I would wait another day so I wouldn’t be discouraged and stop the diet. I felt that way for exactly one minute and then stepped on the scale. I got on and off 3x just to make sure the scale was working (digital), and I lost another 2 lbs! That makes 4.2 lbs of weight lost for just two days of eating properly on the GM Diet plan.

I was pretty stoked! Until I went to the gym during lunch, and sweated BALLS trying to work out…I ended the workout in 30 mins, light weight lifting, squats, a lot of pilates and stretching.

Also, last night at the beach volleyball match, I was huffing and puffing a lot (which doesn’t usually happen either). Although, I was very focused during all 5 games and played well!. We played for a little over two hours.

It also sucked having to walk up to the tiki bar afterward to find my boyfriend (drunk) and my dog (sober, I think) and not order a nice, refreshing fruity cocktail. Alcohol is forbidden on the GM diet. Some sites say that you are allowed two glasses of white wine OR champagne (that’s it) for the whole 7 days. I also read on a lot of reviews that when people drank the alcohol, they didn’t lose weight. So screw that…I can wait.

Day 3 of the GM diet is supposed to be a mix of veggies and fruit. I’m cool with that. I liked the fruit part (cherries and cantaloupe), and the veggie part is going to be the pea/tomato soup I made yesterday. YUM.

Still stoked about the 4.2 lb weight loss. I want the scale to keep going down! Yay!

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For girls and boys: Day 2 of the GM Diet, weight loss article (2.2 lbs lost!)

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Last night my boyfriend at a whole DiGiorno stuffed crust pizza by himself. I’m thinking to myself, what a jerk!!! LOL. He knows I can’t eat anything but fruit on Day 1…whatever.

This morning was cool. I stepped on the scale and lost 2.2 lbs! Yay! I know its only water weight, but still it made me feel good to see the scale budge.

Day 2 of the GM Diet is supposed to be all veggies, 10+ glasses of water and one boiled potato in the morning. I had the potato, well, half of it. Not used to eating potatoes for breakfast. I finished breakfast with half a cup of peas. I like peas.

After work, I have beach volleyball. The suckiest part about this diet is that I won’t be able to join the teams after the match for wings & beer. Sad face.

Last night, all I could think about was steak. Weird, since I’m not a huge steak person. But I convinced myself to just get through day 1, and Day 2 should be easier. We shall see.

I juiced some celery so I could stand eating it…made about 20 oz of juice. I hope it cools me down for tonight’s volleyball game, it’s really hot out there. Supposedly, celery juice is supposed to cool your body temperature, so its good to eat/drink juice on hot days if you’re going to be outside.

I made a bangin’ soup because I couldn’t really think of eating salad all day without any dressing…So I will share the ingredients since I think they are all legal on Day 2 of this diet. This recipe makes one bowl (one serving)

My bangin' Pea Soup in tomato broth. Day 2 of GM Diet.

My bangin’ Pea Soup in tomato broth. Day 2 of GM Diet.

1 Cup of water

1 and 1/2 tomatoes – diced

1/3 can of peas (no salt added)

1 clove of elephant garlic – diced

1/3 red onion – diced

3-4 sprigs of fresh basil – cut up


Throw it in all together and boil until the garlic and the tomatoes look mushy. And there you have it. Bangin’ Pea Soup with tomatoes, etc. (I bet it would taste awesome if I could have thrown in some shellfish).

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