Instagram Guitarists and Musicians from Nashville You Should be Watching in 2020

While there may be no shortage of beautifully filtered models and hilarious meme accounts, finding priceless diamonds of raw musical talent on Instagram is simply an untapped wealth! Before the pandemic of 2020 hit, we had the pleasure of working with some truly inspiring, young artists – guitarists, singer/songwriters and music producers and discovering a few more! We’ve also noticed how much harder they’ve all worked during the adversity and isolation in the pandemic of 2020; to continue entertaining their fans with daily posts, videos, and produce new music and release new tutorials and lessons. Not only that, but we’ve discovered a lot of new musicians on social media as well! We’d love to introduce you to some of our favorite Instagram musicians from Nashville, TN, USA that you definitely should be watching, following and listening to their music. We promise you won’t be disappointed; introducing Shannon Lauren CallihanCurt HendersonHaley Powers and Jude Smith!

Shannon Lauren Callihan, guitarist and singer/songwriter

Shannon Lauren Callihan – Guitarist and Singer / Songwriter in Nashville

121.9k Followers – See Instagram photos and videos from Shannon Lauren Callihan (@shannonlaurencallihan)

Shannon Lauren Callihan – this Nashville-based beauty has the voice of an angel and the soul of a true, R&B funk guitarist (and pianist). Her posts are interesting to watch because she’s always working on music with her friends, playing saucy licks on her different guitars, and once is a while – taking photo shoots in hoodies with natural light, minimum makeup and showing off her natural glow. She’s got quite a group of talented friends as well, and we’ve gotten to watch all of them play and produce music together – with just the right amount of funny moments for comedic value!

Shannon is a very talented singer/songwriter and just released a new song, called “Love You Right“. Check her music catalogue out on Spotify, and don’t forget to follow Shannon Lauren Callihan on all of her social media accounts to hear more from this rising musical star:





Speaking of Shannon’s talented friends…let’s talk about Curt Henderson

Curt Henderson, guitarist and music producer

70.2k Followers, 1021 Following, 178 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Curt Henderson (@curthenderson_)It’s never a dull moment if you love new guitars, new musicians and new gear, because Curt’s Instagram page delivers the best! Curt Henderson is a Nashville-based guitarist, producer, and educator. After completing a degree in Jazz Guitar in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, Curt made the move to America to pursue bigger opportunities. While Curt’s Instagram claims he’s a “hired gun”, we’ve seen him more on the production and writing end of music in 2020, namely with Shannon Lauren Callihan on a couple of her songs. He’s also a featured Fender guitarist, and was chosen to introduce their new American Performer Stratocaster line in 2019 via YouTube. Curt’s a roundhouse – he’s a guitar teacher as well, offering online lessons, as well as demonstrating a ton of gear from audio companies like Eventide Audio and others. Follow Curt Henderson on Instagram to get a daily or weekly dose of cool gear, amazing new music with fellow musicians, and new lessons he’s working on.

Check out Curt Henderson’s socials for more info:Curt Henderson’s

Instagram Henderson’s Facebook

And speaking of “hired guns” turned music producer / online educator – let’s check out Haley Powers

Haley Powers - guitarist

59.4k Followers, 615 Following, 290 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Haley Powers (@haleypowersmusic)Like all California girls do, Haley Powers stands out on Instagram with her spunky style and her dazzling smile. She comes across as the girl next door, and really shines as one of the sweetest and most comical guitarists to watch on Instagram! Check her out for inspiring licks, silly stunts with her Telecaster Thinline, and the occasional photo shoot with her favorite guitars. Not just a pretty face, Haley Powers is an excellent guitarist! She’s a “hired gun” in Nashville, performing with different bands and musicians, and also has a website where she offers online courses – some of them are even for free!!! Follow Haley Powers Music on Instagram for true inspirational guitar playing and if you’re looking for a musician to truly brighten your day!Visit Haley Powers Music’s website for more: www.haleypowersmusic.comInstagram:

And last but definitely not least – let’s talk about the seriously underrated musical mastermind from Nashville – multi-instrumentalist and music producer –  Jude Smith

Jude Smith - Nashville native music producer

139k Followers, 656 Following, 951 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Jude Smith (@jude_smith)

A Nashville native and multi-instrumentalist, Jude Smith rose to Instagram-stardom through his guitar playing and musical content while showcasing his one-man-band ability – gaining over 100,000 followers in 2019! Since then, his self-produced EP’s and string of singles have amassed over half a million streams, and bring to the table the timeless recipe of an irresistible melody mixed with charming instrumentation and a deep appreciation for groove and musicianship. Watch the video of Funky Groove – by Jude Smith, Shannon Lauren Callihan and Curt Henderson

Follow Jude Smith on Instagram:

Check out Jude Smith’s website:

~ by Starr Ackerman on September 12, 2020.

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