Top Broadcasters Using Technology at its Finest: KTLA’s Rich DeMuro covers Apple’s 2016 Announcements with iKlip A/V

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KTLA’s Rich Demuro with USA Today’s Jefferson Graham on video

Rich DeMuro showing off his iKlip A/V to capture the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch event in September 2016

iKlip A/V


Rich DeMuro from KTLA TV’s Tech News

“This is the reality of local TV. We do our own stuff, so we’re recording live right now.” says KTLA’s #1 Tech reporter, Rich DeMuro, as he holds his iPhone connected to an iKlip A/V while shooting Jefferson Graham and Ed Baig from USA Today walking up to greet him. Jefferson remarks that he’s impressed with the IK Multimedia video rig he has, and they make some jokes about not being excited for the event, though they clearly are.

Apple’s Annual September Announcement event is highly televised, streamed, reported on and watched by millions of tech enthusiasts and broadcasters. KTLA’s Rich Demuro was using his iPhone and iKlip A/V to capture high resolution video and audio, and he was spotted by USA Today’s Jefferson Graham, who always uses IK’s iRig Mic HD and other IK products for his recordings in the field.

Check out the candid video of them running into each other right before the highly anticipated Apple announcement event for 2016, (iPhone cameras rolling).

Here is the video Rich Demuro shot with his iPhone and iKlip A/V from Apple’s event covering iPhone 7, which aired live on national TV.

To learn more about KTLA’s Rich Demuro and the iKlip A/V feature, please watch the featured video..

Record your next video with iKlip A/V.


How do I connect my guitar, microphone or MIDI controller to my iPhone or computer to make music?

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irigproduo_lifestyle_horns_dsc01835_slx_retHow do I connect my guitar, microphone or MIDI controller to my iPhone, iPad, Android or computer to record or make music?

There are so many options these days to make computer music….you can use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac/PC with your organic instruments (like a guitar or your own vocals). Software for music producers on Mac/PC that used to cost on the ups of $500, are now available on the iTunes App Store for $20 and even less/free. But the question always remains, how to do I connect my guitar or microphone to my mobile device or computer so I can make music and record audio?

Here are some low-cost options that have hit the market in the last years, and I am going to list them by category of musician/broadcaster:


iRig HD ($99) from IK Multimedia. Grab a 1/4 inch cable and plug that bad boy into the iRig HD, then into your Mac/PC, or iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Then use a guitar/bass amplification/recording application like AmpliTube (available for free to start on all platforms). Coming soon…the iRig HD 2! Stay tuned to IK Multimedia for the new edition!

iRig HD-A ($99) and iRig UA ($99)

Same as above, except for Android and PC users. The iRig UA will definitely take the latency out of your little toaster sized CPU tablet or phone.



iRig PRO ($150) from IK Multimedia. This little gem of an interface will support your guitar & bass (1/4 inch), has XLR for a microphone input for vocals, and also serves up a MIDI hookup for your keyboard controller. All-in-one. Works on all platforms (iOS + Mac/PC) 24-bit/96K sample rate.

iRig Pro DUO ($199) The first truly mobile, dual channel interface for all platforms. Two channels of 1/4 inch, XLR and MIDI for your recording pleasure. Plug in a guitar and a mic, and also your MIDI controller to perform live or record your next masterpiece, with 24-bit/48K sample rate.

iRig MIDI 2 ($79): this interface will allow you to hook up several MIDI controllers at a time to work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android or Mac/PC.


Now here’s a whole list of stuff you can use to make podcasts, indulge in social media fun, film videos with better audio, record vocals, sing karaoke, and more:

Here are some mics that are compatible with Mac/PC, Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 6s and lower (needs a headphone jack):

iRig Mic Cast ($39) Nifty little unidirectional mic that works perfectly for Skype, Facetime, Voice Memos, Snapchats, Video messaging and more.

iRig Voice ($39) Karaoke Mic for beginners. Cute iPhone 5C colors, great gift for the future vocalist in your family.

iRig Mic ($59) Inexpensive electret-condenser mic that works everywhere, has great sound and won’t kill your pocket.

iRig PRE ($49) – Plug any XLR mic into your mobile device or tablet and have phantom power as well (Condenser mics need this) Then use your own expensive microphone and record whatever you need to.

iRig Mic Lav ($79)- awesome lavalier mic setup! Can plug in two at a time (daisy-chain) so you can conduct interviews with your mobile device. Omni-directional, great for broadcasts and situations where you want to enhance your audio, and not the background noise.

Here are some digital microphones that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Lightning connected devices:

iRig Mic Field ($99) Great stereo field mic for recording outside or indoor concert venues. No more snap, crackle, pop on your videos, Snapchats, or Periscope broadcasts!

iRig Mic HD ($129) Widely used condenser mic for broadcasting, live performances and interviews.

AND….Here are some more that will work for Android or PC as well:

iRig Mic HD-A ($129) – Same as iRig Mic HD, just a condenser mic for Android/PC users.

iRig Mic Studio ($179) Super sensitive, 1-inch large diaphragm condenser microphone that will work with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC. Perfect for studio-quality vocals and acoustic guitar recordings. Also has 135 DB SPL (so you can mic a drum kit with it!!!) 24 bit/48k sample rate.

There are a ton of choices out there, but these are a few from IK Multimedia, the leader in music creation apps and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC. For more information, please visit: – My experience with a live Skype Tarot reader and Medium

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Cindy, Tarot/Medium – Your Indigo Path on YouTube,

OK, so I love to read my horoscope, I’m a hopeless romantic and I read my love horoscope at least once a day, even if I’m in a steady relationship. I’m a Gemini…but since there’s only 12 kinds of horoscopes in the zodiac, does that mean one horoscope applies to the whole 12th of the population? Uhhh…no. Always skeptical…and I spend a lot of time working on the computer, so I started listening to my horoscope on YouTube while I worked. This became a mix of people either giving astrology readings or tarot readings. In the month of June, I noticed that when I watched (listened) to 4 or 5 different videos, I was getting a lot of the same readings, mostly tarot-based, and even then, 5 or more cards being drawn that were the same! Strange, right? This prompted me to learn more…

I particularly liked this one woman’s tarot reading (well, two actually), so I started listening to them more than the others. So, on both, I left kind messages on their comments’s section to thank them for the readings (never did that before). I recieved a kind reply from one of them, Somehow I felt drawn to ask her for a personal reading, and she agreed to it. We made a plan to Skype for the reading (I believe truly that sincerity is in the eyes). I wanted to share my experience with my readers, so that you may decide for yourself and be aware of what’s truly out there in the land of mediumship / psychics / fortune telling/ tarot card readers.

A little education on the subjects mentioned above:

What is mediumship? Mediumship is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

What is a tarot card reading? There are many interpretations of this. I would have to go with one of the more scientific definitions explained here, among others:

According to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, ‘The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.’

(Sidenote – there are a lot of real people who can do this type of work, and there are TONS of frauds in the business…When I was a small child, my family rented out a space to one of the most famous “gypsy” clans in NJ – Gifted Sara’s team, and Gifted Sara and her kin are the real deal. Unfortunately, years later, even they had someone working for them at one time (freelance, I guess), who was a total fraud. If you are interested to know which one of her “psychic” tarot readers was the fraud, you are welcome to email me. Although, I don’t think she would be working there anymore anyway…there has to be more people than just me that thought she was a fake and a total fraud.

My experience (review) with the mediumship reading from Cindy, aka

We made a plan to Skype, and I didn’t tell her anything about my life. Because I’m sort of a public figure, she could probably tell I’m a musician and supporter of musicians, but that’s about it. After settling in with polite hellos, she was going to read my tarot…I wanted a love tarot reading (of course!), but almost immediately we started having strange technical difficulty (delays in Skype, lag in video) and pretty much the first thing she said to me was that there were a lot of people chattering at the same time, wanting to talk to me. I didn’t know at the time that she was also a medium. So when she said there were people wanting to talk to me, I was surprised to know just “who” these people were (and were they physically there?). She told me that there were three women (spirits) in the room that were jumping at the bit to talk to me. So she asked me if I wanted to speak to them. Even though I wasn’t prepared for it, I agreed. I thought for sure that this would really tell me if she was the real deal or not.

After we agreed to it, she told me that the spirits in the room decided to give one woman the space and made the other ones quiet down. Suddenly, the interference calmed down on the Skype. It was still there to a degree, but oddly noticeable that the audio was coming through a lot easier, and I wasn’t receiving a delay in speech vs talk on the video.

She asked me who the woman was with the curly blond hair, who she said “was obviously in charge” and wanted to talk to me the most. I said I didn’t know at first (even though I thought it might be my grandmother who had just passed three years ago). Cindy didn’t really ask me any questions, she just started telling me that my grandmother was okay and that they were all “together now” and really missed me. She said a lot of things…but at the time they seemed pretty much like something that anyone could say to you if they were missing you. So I asked a specific question to make sure this was my grandmother, I asked her to tell me what I was doing when I would say, “Grandmom, what is going on in the world?”.

(About 4 days after my mom passed away, my Grandmother tripped over my mother’s cat -Fibber McGee) and broke her hip…this left her largely incapable to leave the house, so she ended up watching  a lot of TV and loved watching Republican propaganda and other news-related things…gossip mostly, and sports. 🙂 )

So when I asked, “What was I doing when I would ask : Grandmom, what is going on in the world?”.- Cindy replied that I would be standing in the room with my grandmother, behind her, watching TV. (Actually, I would be standing behind her, while she watched TV, and I would be doing her hair. Which was close enough…since why would I be standing behind her asking this question?)

Then the interference in the video/audio on Skype became very agitated…it was like they knew I was believing and the spirits that were there all wanted to talk to me at the same time. Meanwhile, remember, I thought I was just getting a personal tarot reading, I wasn’t ready for all of this….

So here’s the story, we spent the next 4 hours talking to these three spirits (who were my mother, my Aunt Carmie and my Grandmother. Millie Natale). Cindy also did a tarot reading, because I asked about how my vacation was going to go (first vacation I have taken in five years that didn’t have to do with a funeral) This all came true as well. The vacation went exactly as she said it would, that I would be spending it alone, mostly, and that all of my plans would not go the way I had scheduled them, and that even if there were promises made…that they would be broken. Mostly, she told me that there was someone in my life that was constantly lying to me, and that my family knew it, and everyone else around me knew it, and that I just had to get away from this person before I ended up drowning in a sea of tears.

She followed up with a complete tarot reading, which also blew my mind…because all of that came true as well. I would ask a question, and she would answer with tarot spread, then further clarify by placing more tarot cards on the table and being specific about her answers.

Overall: Mind Blown. It’s been over two months now and everything came to fruition. If you want a personal reading from Cindy/ Your Indigo Path on YouTube  don’t hesitate to do it.

Here are her details on pricing from her website, If they have changed somewhat, it may mean that’s she’s having a special for the holidays, or they just changed because she’s becoming more popular!

“My Mediumship readings are $300 this is a flat rate. The reading can go on for more than an hour. This depends on Spirit, Loved Ones and the person in front of me. I’m done with the reading when Spirit is done. I’ve had some last 4 hrs.”

Hypnosis with Past Life Regression is Two or Three Sessions. This will depend on the individual and how they respond. 1st session is $150 the rest is $75 ea. Also each session is 1 hr.”

Holistic Life Coach: you can choose from two- 1/2 hr. session $50,2 times a week or $400 a mo. and you get more access to me. So if that is through email or text or phone. between sessions.”

Tarot– Either via phone or Skype

Donations as follows;

1) 1 question 3 card pull- 10 min each- $20.00 with this it is one question and I will see what the cards say for past, present and future. This is for each question so to clarify you may want two questions and then donation I ask is $20.00 per question per 10 min.

2) 30 min Celtic spread- $60- This is the version you’ve seen on my video. This covers one area of your life ie. Love, Career or Finances.

3) 30 to 40 min Life Spread- $120 this covers all aspects of your life ie. home, career, relationship, finances and future. It is also more detailed.

My suggestion is: Please visit Cindy’s/ Your Indigo Path’s – YouTube channel, subscribe, and watch some videos for your zodiac sign. Then if you have a life event, hit her up for a personal reading. You won’t be disappointed!

Behind the scenes Video with USA Today’s Jefferson Graham and IK Multimedia, Making Music in Modena, Italy

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Jefferson Graham, technical editor for USA Today, is also a great musician! He plays guitar, bass, keys and he can even sing! So when I asked him to come visit IK Multimedia’s headquarters in Modena, Italy, he agreed! Check out the video of Jefferson Graham, taking a look behind the scenes at what it takes to make music in the 21st century…from iOS & Android music creation, to app innovation to pro-audio mass production of software and hardware in the motherland of music.

Here is the video from USA Today’s feature “Making digital music in Italy with IK Multimedia”. To watch the video, click on the image below, or click here.

Making Music in Italy with IK Multimedia and USA Today's Jefferson Graham

Making Music in Italy with IK Multimedia and USA Today’s Jefferson Graham

 Thanks for visiting us Jefferson Graham! IK Multimedia loved having you…

~Starr Ackerman Public Relations

For Girls: Spa Services – Thread Lift for Facial Rejuvenation, and Botox – Medical Aesthetics of NJ Review

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As we age, it’s always something… we start looking at our faces and our bodies and wondering what we can change to make it look like we are 21 again.  Some women resort to very expensive and painful procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction to keep that bikini body looking hot forever.  Some women choose less expensive and invasive procedures like CoolSculpting, Zerona and laser lipolysis to eradicate cellulite and tighten up their tummies and thighs. But as we age, all women get wrinkles… and the more time you spend flaunting that beautiful bikini body on the beach, the more sun damage you’re going to get on your face.  And let’s face it, who wants to spend all their time inside for the rest of their life? Not me. I’m from Florida!!!

So what was wrong with me?  I don’t know how it happened, but one day I looked in the mirror and I discovered that I have a serious asymmetry in my face.  One eyebrow was higher than the other…like I was in a constant questioning look!  I thought that I could easily fix it by going to my local nail technician and asking her to wax my eyebrows properly.  She tried to fix it, but it was definitely still there…one eyebrow was arched higher than the other.  I looked at some pictures of myself when I was 21, and I didn’t see that eyebrow problem at all.  So something must’ve happened to me in my years to make one side of my face, or part of my forehead, raise up enough to make my eyebrow stick up permanently.

I did some research online, and found out that a simple Botox injection above the eyebrow would fix the problem.  So I went online and looked for Botox in New Jersey.  Google brought me straight to a Groupon that was offering a discount on Botox injections from the Medical Aesthetics of New Jersey in East Brunswick.  I bought the Groupon,  called and made the appointment and prepared myself to get stuck in the face with a needle.

The specialist who greeted me was Inna Goldfield, the owner of Medical Aesthetics of NJ and a Registered Nurse. She took one look at me and knew exactly what I wanted.  She held a mirror up to my face and we talked about my asymmetrical eyebrows.  She also showed me some other spots that needed “adjustments”. Surprisingly,  the needle didn’t hurt at all… it was a little bit scary when it got near my eyes,  but that’s it.  I didn’t need any ice packs and there wasn’t even any bleeding.  I also didn’t have any bruising afterward. About 4 to 5 days later, my eyebrows were perfectly symmetrical.  What a miracle!  And all of the deep lines around my eyes from the sun damage that I have been working on since I was a kid were gone!

After Inna finished the injections, with the mirror in front of my face, she showed me that one day my naturally chubby cheeks would droop and I would have long jowls like an old lady.  She said it wasn’t very noticeable right now,  but that I had a line that was starting from the end of my cheek down to the end of my chin. She told me not to get any dermal fillers on my face for the marionette lines because it would make me look like a chipmunk. Of course, I was secretly horrified when she said that…but who wouldn’t be? Inna showed me another procedure that she thought I might benefit from, called a Thread Lift.

She had some photos of another patient and showed them to me.  This woman had the dreaded “jowls” that she was speaking of… and she showed me the before and after pictures of the treatment of the Thread Lift  she had performed on her.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. Not only were her jowls gone, but so were the lines on her face around her mouth and in the nasolabial folds (marionette lines).

Inna described the procedure to me,  but I also wanted to do some research to see how it was done. Interestingly enough, I found a video of Inna actually doing the procedure! Here is the video of Inna Goldfield performing the Thread Lift procedure, with before-and-after photos.

A little research on the Thread Lift procedure, also called the “one-hour facelift” revealed that tiny injections would be inserted in a graft like procedure on the patient’s face in order to lift the desired areas.  The ultra-thin needles have Meso threads inside them.  These threads are made of polydioxanone material and are absolutely biodegradable and compatible with human tissues (also known as PDO threads).  They create a hidden framework in which the medical provider reshapes the face to uphold sagging tissues.  After 120-240 days, the threads reabsorb into the body, but the effects last for two years.  During the procedure, no powerful anesthesia is used, the correction is not traumatic, there is no long period of rehabilitation and the punctual injections leave zero traces.

For more information about the amazing facial rejuvenation procedures done by Inna Goldfield and her staff at Medical Aesthetics of NJ, please visit her website, click here to visit The Medical Aesthetics of New Jersey in East Brunswick.

I highly recommend it, if you’ve been spending a lot of the time in the sun… 🙂

Help Malaya Kelly ~ Slamour Doll- Beat Breast Cancer through Crowdfunding!

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Malaya Southern Kelly passed away from breast cancer on Oct 18, 2014. A beautiful soul who will surely be missed. Read her blog, click on this graphic.

Malaya Southern Kelly passed away from breast cancer on Oct 18, 2014. A beautiful soul who will surely be missed. Read her blog, click on this graphic.


Her personal GoFundMe donations page gathered quite a bit of followers and shares. Thanks to everyone for their generous donations, heartfelt comments and prayers, and shares on social media.

Her personal GoFundMe donations page gathered quite a bit of followers and shares. Thanks to everyone for their generous donations, heartfelt comments and prayers, and shares on social media.

So many people have a story to tell, and dreams to focus on… but when you’re faced with mortality, the story and the dreams may be silenced due to the fight for your life taking up all the focus instead.

Malaya Kelly, 34 yr old roller derby, dancing, badass from NJ...fighting Stage 4 triple negative breast cancer for over two years now.

Breast cancer is no joke…and even though a lot of women fight hard to win the battle, others keep getting knocked back into their seats when the treatments aren’t working. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and we can all work together to keep the light at the end of the tunnel focused on what’s really important in life ~ through simple social media and crowdfunding for one woman’s battle against breast cancer.

Malaya Kelly is 34 years old. If she wasn’t fighting stage 4 triple negative breast cancer right now, she would be playing roller derby with her bad-ass NJ shore Slamour Doll team. She would also be taking dancing lessons with her new husband, Sean, among other wonderful things that newlyweds enjoy. Instead, she’s running out of money taking every new and experimental treatment out there, just to be able to make it to her next birthday. Please take a moment to click on this link here, or on the picture of Malaya to read Malaya’s story, and please share the story with a friend through social media.

Please help Malaya Kelly beat breast cancer! Please donate and share through crowd-funding to pay for her experimental treatment at UPenn. Any donation or share is worth 5 seconds of your time to help this beautiful and warm woman live.

Thanks so much for your time and attention ~ Starr Ackerman

Happy Birthday to Starr Ackerman’s Music Production Blog! 1 Year Old!

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A throwback to some of the best posts, interviews and articles on music production from my blog!

Starr Ackerman's Music Production Blog & PR/AR

On Feb 10, 2010, I created this music production blog to help other people find inspiration and helpful information to make music. Today, Starr Ackerman’s Music Production Blog is 1 Year Old! Here are links to some of the best posts from last year:

For musicians who are starting out and just want to learn how to make music, or build a computer music studio:

Making Music in the 21st Century- VST, plug-in, DAW Software, iDevice or DIE!

How can I plug my guitar into my computer to record? Audio Interface

What is a MIDI controller? Why do I need one to make music?

Best / Funniest Demo Video (and artist participation!):

The iPhone and iPad gets a condenser microphone: iRig Mic Video Demo with Starr Ackerman and CJ Pierce, guitarist for Drowning Pool!

Best Artist Video Interviews on Music Production with Software/Hardware (best showcase of my artist relations/public relations coordination and…

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