Video: Fuel dives into Eventide’s H9 Max effects on “Shimmer” and more

Watch while Brett Scallions, lead singer and guitarist of the band “Fuel“, and Phil Buckman, bassist of Fuel, casually sing, perform and discuss the Eventide H9 Max guitar & bass effects pedal. In this video, watch and listen as Brett recreates the spring reverb guitar tone of the song “Shimmer” from his iPad Pro, and talks about how he’ll be using the H9 Max for any future performances of the song. Check out how Phil shows off how the pedal sounds on bass with a chorus sound from the H9 from his computer, and talks about the history of Eventide’s sounds in his studio.


Check out the video of Fuel’s Shimmer for an A/B comparison!

To learn more about Eventide’s H9 Max pedal for use on the stage, studio or how to control it with the H9 Control app via Bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC or Android, please visit:

For more information about Fuel’s tour dates, song releases and more, please visit:

Video courtesy of Fuel, Eventide Audio and Starr Ackerman’s Public Relations / Artist Relations / Music Technology Blog




~ by Starr Ackerman on March 13, 2019.

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