How do I connect my guitar, microphone or MIDI controller to my iPhone or computer to make music?

irigproduo_lifestyle_horns_dsc01835_slx_retHow do I connect my guitar, microphone or MIDI controller to my iPhone, iPad, Android or computer to record or make music?

There are so many options these days to make computer music….you can use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac/PC with your organic instruments (like a guitar or your own vocals). Software for music producers on Mac/PC that used to cost on the ups of $500, are now available on the iTunes App Store for $20 and even less/free. But the question always remains, how to do I connect my guitar or microphone to my mobile device or computer so I can make music and record audio?

Here are some low-cost options that have hit the market in the last years, and I am going to list them by category of musician/broadcaster:


iRig HD ($99) from IK Multimedia. Grab a 1/4 inch cable and plug that bad boy into the iRig HD, then into your Mac/PC, or iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Then use a guitar/bass amplification/recording application like AmpliTube (available for free to start on all platforms). Coming soon…the iRig HD 2! Stay tuned to IK Multimedia for the new edition!

iRig HD-A ($99) and iRig UA ($99)

Same as above, except for Android and PC users. The iRig UA will definitely take the latency out of your little toaster sized CPU tablet or phone.



iRig PRO ($150) from IK Multimedia. This little gem of an interface will support your guitar & bass (1/4 inch), has XLR for a microphone input for vocals, and also serves up a MIDI hookup for your keyboard controller. All-in-one. Works on all platforms (iOS + Mac/PC) 24-bit/96K sample rate.

iRig Pro DUO ($199) The first truly mobile, dual channel interface for all platforms. Two channels of 1/4 inch, XLR and MIDI for your recording pleasure. Plug in a guitar and a mic, and also your MIDI controller to perform live or record your next masterpiece, with 24-bit/48K sample rate.

iRig MIDI 2 ($79): this interface will allow you to hook up several MIDI controllers at a time to work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android or Mac/PC.


Now here’s a whole list of stuff you can use to make podcasts, indulge in social media fun, film videos with better audio, record vocals, sing karaoke, and more:

Here are some mics that are compatible with Mac/PC, Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 6s and lower (needs a headphone jack):

iRig Mic Cast ($39) Nifty little unidirectional mic that works perfectly for Skype, Facetime, Voice Memos, Snapchats, Video messaging and more.

iRig Voice ($39) Karaoke Mic for beginners. Cute iPhone 5C colors, great gift for the future vocalist in your family.

iRig Mic ($59) Inexpensive electret-condenser mic that works everywhere, has great sound and won’t kill your pocket.

iRig PRE ($49) – Plug any XLR mic into your mobile device or tablet and have phantom power as well (Condenser mics need this) Then use your own expensive microphone and record whatever you need to.

iRig Mic Lav ($79)- awesome lavalier mic setup! Can plug in two at a time (daisy-chain) so you can conduct interviews with your mobile device. Omni-directional, great for broadcasts and situations where you want to enhance your audio, and not the background noise.

Here are some digital microphones that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Lightning connected devices:

iRig Mic Field ($99) Great stereo field mic for recording outside or indoor concert venues. No more snap, crackle, pop on your videos, Snapchats, or Periscope broadcasts!

iRig Mic HD ($129) Widely used condenser mic for broadcasting, live performances and interviews.

AND….Here are some more that will work for Android or PC as well:

iRig Mic HD-A ($129) – Same as iRig Mic HD, just a condenser mic for Android/PC users.

iRig Mic Studio ($179) Super sensitive, 1-inch large diaphragm condenser microphone that will work with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC. Perfect for studio-quality vocals and acoustic guitar recordings. Also has 135 DB SPL (so you can mic a drum kit with it!!!) 24 bit/48k sample rate.

There are a ton of choices out there, but these are a few from IK Multimedia, the leader in music creation apps and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC. For more information, please visit:

~ by Starr Ackerman on September 7, 2016.

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