Introducing Hooke Lav – the first wireless, wearable, dual-channel Bluetooth microphone

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Record and Live Stream music performances, news, interviews, lessons and more on all social media and gaming platforms

Hooke Lav, wireless lavalier microphone for iOS, Android, Mac/PC, Go Pro and more

Hooke Audio is proud to announce the Hooke Lav, the first truly mobile, wireless, wearable, dual-channel, Bluetooth microphone is now available via KickStarterThe Hooke Lav was designed for professional grade audio with 24 bit/48kHz mono and dual channel D/A recording and 8 GB of onboard storage for continuous, drop-out proof recording situations. With it’s convenient, low-profile clip-on design, the Hooke Lavalier mic can be worn and used seamlessly in Live Streaming situations; such as Music Performances, Interviews, News and Sports Broadcasting, Virtual School Teaching and E-Learning, Fitness Instruction, Gaming and more, and is compatible on all popular social media and streaming platforms like YouTube, Zoom, Skype, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram. The Hooke Lav is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and professional camera equipment;  iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android, Go Pro, DSLR and more. The Hooke Lav from Hooke Audio is now available for pre-order for a limited time on KickStarter at a discounted price.

“We wanted to create an affordable, wearable, wireless, professional microphone for all levels of customers and situations, that would continuously record and connect to any mobile phone, computer or pro camera with zero latency and audio dropouts. Coming from a musical background, of course we originally thought Hooke Lav would be best for singer/songwriters and guitarists making videos with their smartphones on Instagram and YouTube, but since Live Streaming has become the ‘new normal’, the Hooke Lav is a product that every musician, broadcaster, podcaster, school teacher, fitness instructor, gamer and video creator can use, for every situation, anywhere.” 

Anthony Mattana, Founder of Hooke Audio

Hooke Lav Microphone Features:

  • True wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility
  • Convenient, low-profile clip on wearable lavalier mic
  • Professional, high-quality audio recording
  • 24bit / 48kHz mono and dual channel recording
  • 8 GB of internal storage, for drop-out proof audio files
  • Standalone recording in Island mode
  • Up to 7 hours of continuous record time, with chargeable battery
  • Compatible with iOS, Go Pro, DSLR, Android, Mac/PC
  • Connects seamlessly to your favorite streaming and social media apps: Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Skype and more

The First Wearable, Wireless, Bluetooth, Zero-Latency, Professional Audio Lavalier Mic
The Hooke Lav is a one-of-a-kind, wireless, wearable lavalier or “clip-on” microphone that sends high-quality, mono and dual-channel audio over Bluetooth to any iPhone, Android, tablet, computer or professional camera with zero-latency. Unlike other lavalier or wireless mics that need an additional receiver, the Hooke Lav will pair via Bluetooth in both mono and dual-channel situations to any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled equipment, with zero drop-outs, and delivers the lowest-latency available (.043ms). The Hooke Lav also is also the only wireless lav mic that records professional grade audio over Bluetooth in 24bit/48kHz, delivering the best, high-quality sound for your interviews, vlogs, podcasts and music instrument / vocal recordings.

Live Stream and Record in Every Situation, on Every Platform
Once paired via Bluetooth to your mobile phone, camera or computer, the Hooke Lav microphone will record and live-stream to any application accepting an external audio input; including YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Twitch, Sony PlayStation and more. The Hooke Lav will also record in standalone situations called “Island Mode”, without being paired at all, thanks to 8 GB of onboard storage – creators can record audio for videos, interviews, broadcasts, podcasts and more with zero worries of drop-outs in audio, and transfer their audio files to sync in post production.

Made for Video Creators and Musicians in Mind
Hooke Audio’s Hooke Lav mic was designed for the creative soul, who needs an instant, no-hassle recording setup when inspiration strikes! Music and Video creators can just clip on the Hooke Lav for standalone recordings or paired via Bluetooth to any device, to capture excellent audio – like vocals and guitar, live music recordings for a stream, songwriting, motion sensitive video capture, point of view videos with low background noise, and much, much more.

Pricing and Availability:

The Hooke Lav is now available for a limited time on KickStarter at a discounted price, from Sept 22, 2020 to October 22, 2020.

Hooke Lav Video on YouTube:

Click here to visit the Official KickStarter Campaign for Hooke Lav!

Instagram Guitarists and Musicians from Nashville You Should be Watching in 2020

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While there may be no shortage of beautifully filtered models and hilarious meme accounts, finding priceless diamonds of raw musical talent on Instagram is simply an untapped wealth! Before the pandemic of 2020 hit, we had the pleasure of working with some truly inspiring, young artists – guitarists, singer/songwriters and music producers and discovering a few more! We’ve also noticed how much harder they’ve all worked during the adversity and isolation in the pandemic of 2020; to continue entertaining their fans with daily posts, videos, and produce new music and release new tutorials and lessons. Not only that, but we’ve discovered a lot of new musicians on social media as well! We’d love to introduce you to some of our favorite Instagram musicians from Nashville, TN, USA that you definitely should be watching, following and listening to their music. We promise you won’t be disappointed; introducing Shannon Lauren CallihanCurt HendersonHaley Powers and Jude Smith!

Shannon Lauren Callihan, guitarist and singer/songwriter

Shannon Lauren Callihan – Guitarist and Singer / Songwriter in Nashville

121.9k Followers – See Instagram photos and videos from Shannon Lauren Callihan (@shannonlaurencallihan)

Shannon Lauren Callihan – this Nashville-based beauty has the voice of an angel and the soul of a true, R&B funk guitarist (and pianist). Her posts are interesting to watch because she’s always working on music with her friends, playing saucy licks on her different guitars, and once is a while – taking photo shoots in hoodies with natural light, minimum makeup and showing off her natural glow. She’s got quite a group of talented friends as well, and we’ve gotten to watch all of them play and produce music together – with just the right amount of funny moments for comedic value!

Shannon is a very talented singer/songwriter and just released a new song, called “Love You Right“. Check her music catalogue out on Spotify, and don’t forget to follow Shannon Lauren Callihan on all of her social media accounts to hear more from this rising musical star:





Speaking of Shannon’s talented friends…let’s talk about Curt Henderson

Curt Henderson, guitarist and music producer

70.2k Followers, 1021 Following, 178 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Curt Henderson (@curthenderson_)It’s never a dull moment if you love new guitars, new musicians and new gear, because Curt’s Instagram page delivers the best! Curt Henderson is a Nashville-based guitarist, producer, and educator. After completing a degree in Jazz Guitar in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, Curt made the move to America to pursue bigger opportunities. While Curt’s Instagram claims he’s a “hired gun”, we’ve seen him more on the production and writing end of music in 2020, namely with Shannon Lauren Callihan on a couple of her songs. He’s also a featured Fender guitarist, and was chosen to introduce their new American Performer Stratocaster line in 2019 via YouTube. Curt’s a roundhouse – he’s a guitar teacher as well, offering online lessons, as well as demonstrating a ton of gear from audio companies like Eventide Audio and others. Follow Curt Henderson on Instagram to get a daily or weekly dose of cool gear, amazing new music with fellow musicians, and new lessons he’s working on.

Check out Curt Henderson’s socials for more info:Curt Henderson’s

Instagram Henderson’s Facebook

And speaking of “hired guns” turned music producer / online educator – let’s check out Haley Powers

Haley Powers - guitarist

59.4k Followers, 615 Following, 290 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Haley Powers (@haleypowersmusic)Like all California girls do, Haley Powers stands out on Instagram with her spunky style and her dazzling smile. She comes across as the girl next door, and really shines as one of the sweetest and most comical guitarists to watch on Instagram! Check her out for inspiring licks, silly stunts with her Telecaster Thinline, and the occasional photo shoot with her favorite guitars. Not just a pretty face, Haley Powers is an excellent guitarist! She’s a “hired gun” in Nashville, performing with different bands and musicians, and also has a website where she offers online courses – some of them are even for free!!! Follow Haley Powers Music on Instagram for true inspirational guitar playing and if you’re looking for a musician to truly brighten your day!Visit Haley Powers Music’s website for more: www.haleypowersmusic.comInstagram:

And last but definitely not least – let’s talk about the seriously underrated musical mastermind from Nashville – multi-instrumentalist and music producer –  Jude Smith

Jude Smith - Nashville native music producer

139k Followers, 656 Following, 951 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Jude Smith (@jude_smith)

A Nashville native and multi-instrumentalist, Jude Smith rose to Instagram-stardom through his guitar playing and musical content while showcasing his one-man-band ability – gaining over 100,000 followers in 2019! Since then, his self-produced EP’s and string of singles have amassed over half a million streams, and bring to the table the timeless recipe of an irresistible melody mixed with charming instrumentation and a deep appreciation for groove and musicianship. Watch the video of Funky Groove – by Jude Smith, Shannon Lauren Callihan and Curt Henderson

Follow Jude Smith on Instagram:

Check out Jude Smith’s website:

Stop the Pressure – Official Video – Starr Ackerman and DJ Rolan LIVE (as Digital Lifestyle)

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“Stop the Pressure” by Starr Ackerman and DJ Rolan LIVE (as Digital Lifestyle)

Stop the Pressure – Official Video – Starr Ackerman and DJ Rolan LIVE as the band Digital Lifestyle has been released on YouTube, and the song is now available for streaming and download from iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. Originally released in the album “Ibiza 2009”, we wrote and performed this song, Stop the Pressure, in 2006. I wanted to make a video of the life we are living in 2020; the emotional struggles of the pandemic COVID-19, our international borders closing, the national riots in USA (NYC, Los Angeles and more) against racism and police brutality (Black Lives Matter). And of course, making the song relatable to the depression, isolation and violence we’ve faced as a result from all of it. I feel like all of our art should be pushing for change somehow. Unless we come together as a human race across the world, united in our humanity, our children may never know the freedom of travel, healthy social interaction in schools, and safety in their communities.

This is not a political video!!! Suicide from the depression and social / economic effects of the pandemic is the #2 reason children and adults are dying in the USA in 2020. (COVID-19 still isn’t even in the top 10)

United we stand, divided we fall. One love, peace and respect ~ Starr Ackerman.

All music and vocals for “Stop the Pressure” were recorded and produced by Starr Ackerman and Rolan Sereny as “Digital Lifestyle” in 2006. Video produced and edited by Starr Ackerman, August, 8, 2009.

Download / Stream “Stop the Pressure” and other “Ibiza 2009” releases from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more:

Spotify “Ibiza 2006” Release Playlist:


Apple Music:…

Below are the social media links to follow me; I produce music and videos, support musicians, music creation hardware and software, and victims of mental and physical abuse.

@starrackerman on Instagram:

@ Facebook fan page:

@starrackerman on Twitter:

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“Listen to Me” by Starr Ackerman – Official Music Video and Song on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and more

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Album photo for “Listen to Me” by Starr Ackerman. In loving memory of Tina Rao 1977-2020, pictured above.

Listen to Me” by Starr Ackerman – Official Music Video and Song Released on YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Soundcloud and more. Listen to Me, an instrumental, downtempo, chill, electronica (EDM) song with Indian percussion, bamboo flutes and a “Cafe Del Mar” vibe was inspired by and dedicated in the loving memory of Tina Rao (1977-2020), and to her lovely daughter, Violet.

All music and video was written, produced and edited by Starr Ackerman, June 30, 2020.

Watch the video of Starr Ackerman’s “Listen to Me”

Download Starr Ackerman’s “Listen to Me”


Apple Music:


Rabbit in the Moon releases stems for Remix Contest from 90’s super rave hit “O.B.E.” via Bandcamp

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O.B.E by Rabbit in the Moon

Fans of the 90’s electronic music rave era, and lovers of the WMCZen and Ultra Music Festivals know and love one band in particular, and they’re called Rabbit in the Moon. Leading the electronic music era with songs and remixes that spanned a 20+ year culture of new and interesting electronic music, RITM is offering a remix contest featuring one of their greatest song releases from the early 90’s, called “O.B.E.”(Out of Body Experience) Musicians and producers who are interested in remixing the stems for “O.B.E.” can enter their remixed songs for review by September 8, 2020. Interested in entering the Remix Contest for “O.B.E”? Find out more about it by visiting RITM’s Bandcamp page, and check out the history of how the song was made from David Christophere of Rabbit in the Moon‘s inspiring story!

Some words about the contest and the origination of the song “O.B.E” from Rabbit in the Moon‘s David Christophere (aka Confucius):

“The OBE remix contest is underway. There have been some great entries so far. The deadline to turn in your remixes will be Sept 8th, 2020!”

“The Summer of 1992 was a special time. It was the Orlando Summer of Love. It is when I sat on the stage at a party at The Edge late at night and decided to create a new project that would be called “Rabbit in the Moon.”

“Two months later that psychedelic dream would become a reality. I had written a track called “Freak to the Beat”.  It was on the heals of the project Anarch-e that Monk and I made. It was full of crazy punk and hiphop samples put over hardcore rave beats. But I knew I wanted something different. Something more emotional from the heart, something that combined my love for dance music, but with a tribal atmosphere and spirit of people like Peter Gabriel.”

“I was at work one day (I had fallen into managing a t-shirt screen printing shop) and we used to always play music while things got done. One day, someone played the Tori Amos record Little Earthquakes. All the sudden she let out a howl, I was hooked! I never thought much of it after that. Other than wouldn’t it be fun to sample that. As I was at The Edge parties, and Ahhz at the Beachem Theatre, I kept hearing tracks like Future Sound of London’s “Papua New Guinea”, “Belfast” by Orbital and Opus III’s “It’s a fine day.” 

“As I was looking in one of the stacks of books that Monk had lying around the workshop, I found this book about spiritual symbols and legends. I happened on a page that told the story of the Rabbit in the Moon. It went on about how different cultures that had no contact with each other all shared a similar belief. That the Rabbit was magic and represented balance as well as religious ceremonies. I related to it – how music is the true universal language. You don’t have to have lyrics and people can all feel the same vibe. I also liked how in the Aztec legend it talked about balance. You can’t have dark without light, or hard without soft, fast without slow. It made me feel like my new music could take on all feels and speeds. Not just be tied to one or the other.”

“As September rolled around, I was in full swing with making a Rabbit in the Moon single. But I started thinking about that howl…Tori’s howl. It sounded like she cracked open a piece of the universe and let us glimpse at the other side. I decided to try to use it. It was Oct 5th, 1992. I called Mark and asked to make some studio time. That’s when I got the bad news. He was moving to New York in 3 days. So basically, if I wanted to use the studio I had one day to write the song at home. ONE DAY to record it, and ONE DAY to mix it. I thought ‘Shiiiitt!!! I’m screwed!’ I haven’t even started writing the track. Something told me to just book it. So I did.”

Video of OBE by Rabbit in the Moon

“I went in the studio and started to write. By midnight, I had the bones of a track. But something was missing. I usually would do most of my writing by myself and Monk would pop in to check things out when they were done-ish. By 1am I was starting to freak a little…still nothing! I asked Monk to come into the studio, ‘Hey, come check this out.’ He probably thought he’d get to hear a finished song, but nope. We sat and listened and talked and I said, ‘This song needs glue, something to bring it all together.” My favorite synth at the time was a Roland JD-800. It had such a wide range of sounds you could get out of it. As I searched some presets to see if any vibe inspired me, I heard something. It was a sample of a Fairlight Sampler sound (one of Peter Gabriel’s main synths he used). It had some potential! It was very dynamic when you hit the keys hard. So I edited the parts in the sound to see if I could make it my own. As the track played and Tori’s scream part came in…I slammed the keys with the chord of the song started to howl. The oxygen in the room changed; my hairs on my arm and neck stood up! Monk sat up in full attention and said, ‘Wow that’s amazing!’ Two days later we had a song called O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience).

“Thanks again for everyone who is doing the remix contest. I can’t wait to hear the final results in September!”


How film scores can benefit from binaural recordings, featuring composer – Nathan Matthew David

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The Benefits of Scoring Film in Binaural Audio featuring composer Nathan Matthew David


For the last 20+ years, movie houses and film production companies have been ramping up their 3D audio experiences by introducing a more intricate recording setup than just using surround sound speaker technology into the final mix. The difference between surround sound mixed film audio and 3D/binaural film audio can be heard spatially.  Film scores in surround sound with 5.1 and 7.1 systems are covering just some of the listeners’ space, while 3D audio film scores give movie-goers an immersive experience, as if they are right there “in the movie” –  hearing things not only to the right and left, but also in front and behind – providing a 360-degree experience.  When sound engineers actually spend time recording right there on set in binaural to capture the true essence of standing in front of a waterfall, or next to it, or behind it – they capture the roaring presence of the waterfall sounds from a perspective that you just really can’t recreate without being there, in a 3D audio space that is authentic, and truly immersive. These binaural sounds, or 3D audio recordings, fit exactly to the frames of the film.

What is binaural or 3D audio recording? When you listen to a binaural, or “3D audio” recording, your brain processes the differences in each ear. You hear it from the perspective of the same way it would sound in the real world around you, with natural and accurate directional cues. For example, if you are standing in the rain, instead of just hearing the rain in a stereo format, or directionally – just left and right, you’ll hear the rain as if you were actually standing in the rain – in a 3D experience. Meaning, you’ll hear the rain not only to the left and right of you, but also in front of and behind you. You’ll also hear the sounds of the raindrops hitting your shoulders as well.

What if music producers started adding these 3D ambient sounds and binaural recordings into their mixes?

Opening up the sound stage to a real 360-degree experience would not only heighten the emotion but immerse the listener into the 3D space with psychoacoustics, just as if they were sitting in the middle of a string quartet with the recording artists, or standing in the rain. Small nuances of acoustic instruments can be recorded from a completely different perspective, say, from the actual guitar, piano player or drummer. Adding this 3D element to the mix is rare, but completely possible by introducing binaural recordings into the final mix.

To explain this example some more, here is a perfect binaural recording of an acoustic Filipino tribal instrument, called a Kulintanginside of Nathan Matthew David’s studio from the performer’s perspective. Nathan is a composer for film and television, and in honor of Filipinx-American history month, he wanted to feature acoustic sounds in his production that are native to his culture. Nathan recorded his performance with the first wireless, binaural recording system – the Hooke Verse – to achieve what can be described as an otherworldly sonic performance, and a truly immersive sound experience.

Nathan Matthew David says in the description of his immersive video recorded with the Hooke Verse:

“October is Filipinx-American history month. As we close it, I wanted to share a snippet from a new electro-acoustic project I’ve been working on combining Filipino instruments with modular synthesis called ‘Pandama’ (Tagalog for ‘senses’). In this clip, each Kulintang gong is connected to the modular system via contact mics. The sounds are both processed in the system and they also trigger other sounds and events. The clip is one take and all sounds are being triggered by the Kulintang except for the Therevox synth, which I play. The voice sample in this clip is from Larry Itliong, a crucial figure in the history of Filipinx-Americans.”

To achieve the 3D audio experience, please put your headphones on to listen to the sound of this video. You will be transported into Nathan Matthew David’s studio as he plays the Kulintang, hearing it as if you were playing it yourself.


To learn more about recording binaural audio for film and television scoring, please visit the Hooke Audio product and information pages for the Hooke Verse, click here.

To learn more about Nathan Matthew David, please visit

Daughtry’s “As You Are” Recorded in #3DAudio with Hooke Audio’s “Verse”

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This special acoustic version of Daughtry‘s “As You Are” was recorded in 3D Audio, with the Hooke Verse wireless recording system, the Hooke Verse.

The Hooke Verse is essentially a pair of wireless headphones that have microphones on each ear bud. The recording is in 3D Audio, or binaural audio, which basically means that it sounds exactly the way you “hear” when you listen to it. If you listen to this recording with your headphones on, or with a nice pair of stereo studio monitors, like the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors or similar, you’ll hear the sound space as if you were on the stage with Chris Daughtry and his band as he sings and plays guitar.

The crazy part about this is that people have been trying to achieve surround sound with mixing in 5.1, or 7.1 for years now. But in order to actually make something sound really 3D, you’d have to simply record it that way. Also, the Hooke Verse employs a one-of-a-kind patented technology, which is the ability to deliver lossless, dual-channel audio over Bluetooth with zero latency!!! To date, there hasn’t even been a mono recording solution that can do that. Not only does it serve up intimate, flawless binaural recordings wirelessly – the Hooke Verse also syncs to any smartphone, computer or camera (Like a Go Pro or the obvious expensive camera used to shoot the Daughtry video).

Why would you want to record something in binaural or 3D audio?

Well, it sounds WAY better for one, and eliminates the shitty recordings that you may get with your expensive smartphone at a concert. Also, if you’re a sound designer, film composer, or a really slick music producer or engineer, you can start recording and adding ambient sounds or tricked out vocals to your mixes – spatially immersing the listener into your soundscape, mix or song just by recording it the way people actually hear things.

The Hooke Verse is $159.99 USD, but those HD and 4K video concert recordings will be PRICELESS. For more information on the Hooke Verse from Hooke Audio, please visit:
Continue reading ‘Daughtry’s “As You Are” Recorded in #3DAudio with Hooke Audio’s “Verse”’

Video: Fuel dives into Eventide’s H9 Max effects on “Shimmer” and more

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Watch while Brett Scallions, lead singer and guitarist of the band “Fuel“, and Phil Buckman, bassist of Fuel, casually sing, perform and discuss the Eventide H9 Max guitar & bass effects pedal. In this video, watch and listen as Brett recreates the spring reverb guitar tone of the song “Shimmer” from his iPad Pro, and talks about how he’ll be using the H9 Max for any future performances of the song. Check out how Phil shows off how the pedal sounds on bass with a chorus sound from the H9 from his computer, and talks about the history of Eventide’s sounds in his studio.


Check out the video of Fuel’s Shimmer for an A/B comparison!

To learn more about Eventide’s H9 Max pedal for use on the stage, studio or how to control it with the H9 Control app via Bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC or Android, please visit:

For more information about Fuel’s tour dates, song releases and more, please visit:

Video courtesy of Fuel, Eventide Audio and Starr Ackerman’s Public Relations / Artist Relations / Music Technology Blog




We Make Dance Music – Music Samples, Templates Review – Promo Code

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Need low-cost music samples to make some killer music? I checked out a new website for purchasing music samples and template kits called This website is a very low-cost hub for finding great acapellas, house kits, templates for Ableton, Logic, FL Studio and more, but mostly – it just fits right into the “OK- no problem, I can afford these quality samples’ category.” (Which is basically what every musician is really looking for.)


At first glance, We Make Dance Music‘s web store is straightforward, and easy to navigate through. A simple scroll will bring you directly to the store’s highlighted libraries for music samples, strategically and functionally laid out for easy perusing, selection, auditioning, and purchasing. You can download DAW Templates, Sounds, Presets, MIDI Files, Audio Stems, Acapellas & Royalty Free Music, for incredibly low prices (anywhere from $5 to$40 at most). Directly from the homepage, here are a couple of the menu choices that would inspire a further look: Ableton Live Templates & Projects, Logic Pro X Templates & Projects, FL Studio Templates & Projects and Music Construction Kits.


Going even deeper into the music samples and construction kit choices, I found a lot of interesting and instantly usable collections for creative hip-hop, house, and electronic (EDM) music producers. The construction kits feature the latest trends in music production and hot new emerging styles, like “Can’t Escape the Trap” for Urban / Rhythmic CHR ($29.99), and “Future Bass Essentials Vol.2” for Trap / Ambient / Disco House ($24).


For producers looking for cinematic, atmospheric, dark and retro pop keyboard style sounds, like the ones used in the blockbuster Netflix series Stranger Things, check out “Deep Funky House Kits” by Tunecraft Sounds ($24). I was impressed by this particular collection of sounds, as it covered the realm of intelligent and psychosomatic samples needed for film scoring and creating large soundscapes for dramatic songs. These kits include sound banks, MIDI files, FX and hits, vocals, recorded synth lines and much more.


What sets‘s store apart from the myriad of sample download sites is their extensive collection of Acapellas! As a vocalist and recording studio professional, I found these samples to be exactly what I was looking for – inspiration! I downloaded Alessia Cara’s cover vocals of “Growing Pains” produced by Glucose Recordings ($7) and instantly started creating a remix of my own, Furthermore, these vocal recordings are stunning, and the audio files are mastered to sit perfectly in any mix. (BPM and Key info are also included).


I also downloaded the “Soul Tech“collection by Sample Tools by Cr2 ($21.99). Definitely packed with a lot of samples for deep house/ tech house in the minor keys. Downloads of both libraries were fast and furious, and checkout / registration was super simple. (We musicians hate instructions and waiting, and there was next to none of both).



If you’re looking for a place to download freakishly awesome samples at incredibly low prices, and be instantly inspired and making music in minutes, then please click here to visit’s web store for your next movie score, hit song, or mashup! In a pinch, you can find the exact sample library for your exact need, without paying top dollar for an 8GB library to get the sounds you need; they have sounds and templates by genre, format, stems, series, and also royalty free samples! For under $30, I had two sound libraries, downloaded in under four minutes, and was auditioning sounds in Ableton Live.


If you aren’t convinced from the highlighted sample kits I included in this article, I implore you to check out‘s sample library kits and templates out for 20% off with this promo code for ALL musicians and music producers who’re looking to save a buck!


PROMO CODE for 20% off purchases from at checkout:





From the We Make Dance Music website:

“Established in July of 2012, We Make Dance Music is a trusted community marketplace for producers, musicians and singers to discover, buy and sell unique music project files around the world. Whether a template to spark inspiration, sounds to enrich your production, or music files for your media project, We Make Dance Music allows people to share their ideas and passion for music in over 125 countries at any time. We promote a culture of curiosity and creativity through our products, services, and, most importantly, our artists. We aspire to create a centralized source of sound in the cloud empowering artists the world over to make music that moves people’s hearts and souls. Earning stable income from the sales of their music, artists are free to do more of what they love while the global community has access to an online catalog of innovative sounds. We will continue to empower creatives to make a living of their passion. We will consolidate our technology to fulfill our vision of a world where artists worldwide can thrive making the music of the future.”

Video: Why do we go to NAMM? Featuring Producer & Artist – Jae Deal

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Let’s face it, it’s very hard to “make it” in the music industry as an artist, producer or engineer. You can be a badass singer, guitar player or “insert musicianship here”, but if you don’t know anything about marketing yourself, using social media or already have a high-ranking friend or relative that was/is already famous or in the music biz, it’s going to be really tough to get recognized for your talent in the way that would be satisfying to you, whatever your goals may be.

What is NAMM? NAMM is a music industry trade show hosted twice a year, drawing tens of 1000’s of musicians, producers, engineers, companies who exhibit, buyers and retailers for musical instruments. NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants, established in 1901, and is the not-for-profit association that strengthens the $17 billion global music, sound and event technology products industry.

Still lost? Think of all the things you might see at Guitar Center or on, and then put all of those companies and their staff in one place…major guitar and bass companies, like “Fender”, “D’Angelico”, “Martin”, “Taylor”, “Ampeg”, and then think of the rest of the band instruments – keyboards, drums, DJ equipment – “Korg”, “Roland”, “Roli”, “Pioneer”, “Gemini” and then throw in the music tech giants that make recording these instruments possible, like Shure and Blue (microphones), “IK Multimedia” (virtual instruments, iOS apps and portable recording accessories), Avid (Pro Tools recording software), Ableton (recording software), Solid State Logic (mixing consoles), and all of the backline, front of house equipment and legendary studio effects processors and preamps from companies like “Eventide” and “Presonus” (who also have mixers, speaker stacks, rack effects units, you name it). Basically, NAMM is one huge dog and pony show for the exhibitors/vendors to show off their new gear to the retailers/resellers for sales of new products, and the largest toy store any musician has ever seen where they can’t actually buy anything, just test it out and make relationships for future work to ensue. But the one thing you can’t sell and you might have missed from this whole paragraph was the word “relationships”. You can’t buy or sell those, and they are the most valuable thing you can gain from going to NAMM.

So, why do we go to NAMM as artists/producers/engineers/publicists? To build relationships, period. You know the old saying, “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know?” Well, if you’re not making actual friends at NAMM and keeping them and working to keep them, you know – the kind of people who hold the same core values you do – integrity, business ethics, trust, compassion and just doing it for the love of the jam… you’re missing out on opportunities for A LOT of free artist promotions, gigs, gear, collaborations, endorsements, international publicity and more. And I’m not just talking about other musicians, these are the manufacturers’ artist relations reps, marketing directors, and sometimes owners of the companies who are the MVPs of your team.

After a few years of NAMM, you learn who the real players are, and who’s walking the walk. These are the guys doing the presentation demos on the exhibitors’ stages, getting in front of the cameras when asked to speak and play guitar/bass/keyboards/sing in front of USA Today, and then they go from zero to hero in Los Angeles because their first gig was on national TV from an exhibitor’s publicity gig. After a while, you also learn something very important, that you end up having a team of people looking out for your best interests. If you’re really talented, cool and keep a humble approach, and ALWAYS deliver on time, you could have a squad of 100+ people – a mix of manufacturer reps, other musicians, charity organizations and editorial who’ve “got your back” whenever you need something. And you will ALWAYS need something.

Jae Deal has been to NAMM as a working musician and producer for many years, here’s his take on what these NAMM relationships mean to him, and what NAMM really is for people like us – those looking to make a career out of music forever. (FYI- he had 9 badges for NAMM, starting with Fender as “Artist” and ending with‘s press badge as “On-Air Personality” – I’ll give you one guess which badge he wore for the entire show – insert “stoked emoji here”).

Here is Jae Deal’s video on Why do we go to NAMM? Relationships. Watch and Learn.

Jae Deal is an award-winning American composer and producer, who has worked with the likes of Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Elton John, Queen Latifah and many, many more. Jae Deal has appeared as a public speaker for TEDx, and most of all, is an amazing friend, talented musician, and compassionate collaborator and confidant. For more information on Jae Deal, please visit his website.


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