Stop the Pressure – Official Video – Starr Ackerman and DJ Rolan LIVE (as Digital Lifestyle)

“Stop the Pressure” by Starr Ackerman and DJ Rolan LIVE (as Digital Lifestyle)

Stop the Pressure – Official Video – Starr Ackerman and DJ Rolan LIVE as the band Digital Lifestyle has been released on YouTube, and the song is now available for streaming and download from iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. Originally released in the album “Ibiza 2009”, we wrote and performed this song, Stop the Pressure, in 2006. I wanted to make a video of the life we are living in 2020; the emotional struggles of the pandemic COVID-19, our international borders closing, the national riots in USA (NYC, Los Angeles and more) against racism and police brutality (Black Lives Matter). And of course, making the song relatable to the depression, isolation and violence we’ve faced as a result from all of it. I feel like all of our art should be pushing for change somehow. Unless we come together as a human race across the world, united in our humanity, our children may never know the freedom of travel, healthy social interaction in schools, and safety in their communities.

This is not a political video!!! Suicide from the depression and social / economic effects of the pandemic is the #2 reason children and adults are dying in the USA in 2020. (COVID-19 still isn’t even in the top 10)

United we stand, divided we fall. One love, peace and respect ~ Starr Ackerman.

All music and vocals for “Stop the Pressure” were recorded and produced by Starr Ackerman and Rolan Sereny as “Digital Lifestyle” in 2006. Video produced and edited by Starr Ackerman, August, 8, 2009.

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~ by Starr Ackerman on August 9, 2020.

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