Apple Music – the streaming service that REALLY brings new music – check out these new artists: Nothing But Thieves, Aquilo and Chet Faker/ Marcus Marr

Streaming music services are all over the place, each with subscription models that cost money if you don’t want to listen to ads. I personally am a fan of three different ones, but all for different reasons. But, I will explain why Apple Music is my favorite out of all of them.

#1 If you have iTunes, Apple already knows what you like to listen to. If you look in your iTunes library, you’ll see a playlist that has the “Top 25 Most Played”… and if you want to make a radio station out of any one of those songs, all you have to do is “make one” and you’ll hear similar music that totally gets the genre, time period and will also introduce you to new artists who sound the same.

#2 The Apple Music radio stations clearly spent time finding quality music directors that bring new music to the listeners. For example, if you listen to “Chill” or “Alternative Rock”, I can guarantee you will hear music that you’ve never heard before. And if you keep listening, yes, sometimes you will hear the same music once in a while, but it’s not in the overbearing manner that Sirius XM or the actual FM radio provides (playing popular songs every hour, on the hour, until you want to turn the radio completely off and switch to your own devices before your head explodes). You also have the ability to “Love” or “Dislike” music when it comes on, making the stations you listen to even more effective and playing more songs like it.

#3 DJ Much? Creating playlists has never been easier. I hear so many new songs, if I like something, I’ll immediately add it to a playlist or create a new one based on the genre. Or just add it my library so it will replay at will. Everything from Apple’s products automatically synch up…so these playlists are automatically added to my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. I don’t know about you, but I really f***ing love that.

#4 NO ADS pricing model: for $9.99 US per month, you can’t beat Apple Music. I mean, you can try, but so far, it’s been instrumental in finding new artists and great music. Just listening to it inspired me to make new music, and also keeps me on the pulse of what new artists are making now. You will not be disappointed.


Drumroll please…New artists that I heard exclusively on Apple Music stations FIRST:

Nothing But Thieves, click here to view them on Apple Music / iTunes preview

Nothing But Thieves – Lover, Please Stay Video



Aquilo, click here to view them on Apple Music / iTunes preview

Aquilo – Human – Video (these guys are so new, they don’t even have an official video for this song) 



Chet Faker and Marcus Marr – The Killing Jar, click here to view on Apple Music / iTunes preview

Chet Faker and Marcus Marr – The Killing Jar video 


~ by Starr Ackerman on January 15, 2018.

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