We Make Dance Music – Music Samples, Templates Review – Promo Code

Need low-cost music samples to make some killer music? I checked out a new website for purchasing music samples and template kits called www.wemakedancemusic.com. This website is a very low-cost hub for finding great acapellas, house kits, templates for Ableton, Logic, FL Studio and more, but mostly – it just fits right into the “OK- no problem, I can afford these quality samples’ category.” (Which is basically what every musician is really looking for.)


At first glance, We Make Dance Music‘s web store is straightforward, and easy to navigate through. A simple scroll will bring you directly to the store’s highlighted libraries for music samples, strategically and functionally laid out for easy perusing, selection, auditioning, and purchasing. You can download DAW Templates, Sounds, Presets, MIDI Files, Audio Stems, Acapellas & Royalty Free Music, for incredibly low prices (anywhere from $5 to$40 at most). Directly from the homepage, here are a couple of the menu choices that would inspire a further look: Ableton Live Templates & Projects, Logic Pro X Templates & Projects, FL Studio Templates & Projects and Music Construction Kits.


Going even deeper into the music samples and construction kit choices, I found a lot of interesting and instantly usable collections for creative hip-hop, house, and electronic (EDM) music producers. The construction kits feature the latest trends in music production and hot new emerging styles, like “Can’t Escape the Trap” for Urban / Rhythmic CHR ($29.99), and “Future Bass Essentials Vol.2” for Trap / Ambient / Disco House ($24).


For producers looking for cinematic, atmospheric, dark and retro pop keyboard style sounds, like the ones used in the blockbuster Netflix series Stranger Things, check out “Deep Funky House Kits” by Tunecraft Sounds ($24). I was impressed by this particular collection of sounds, as it covered the realm of intelligent and psychosomatic samples needed for film scoring and creating large soundscapes for dramatic songs. These kits include sound banks, MIDI files, FX and hits, vocals, recorded synth lines and much more.


What sets www.wemakedancemusic.com‘s store apart from the myriad of sample download sites is their extensive collection of Acapellas! As a vocalist and recording studio professional, I found these samples to be exactly what I was looking for – inspiration! I downloaded Alessia Cara’s cover vocals of “Growing Pains” produced by Glucose Recordings ($7) and instantly started creating a remix of my own, Furthermore, these vocal recordings are stunning, and the audio files are mastered to sit perfectly in any mix. (BPM and Key info are also included).


I also downloaded the “Soul Tech“collection by Sample Tools by Cr2 ($21.99). Definitely packed with a lot of samples for deep house/ tech house in the minor keys. Downloads of both libraries were fast and furious, and checkout / registration was super simple. (We musicians hate instructions and waiting, and there was next to none of both).



If you’re looking for a place to download freakishly awesome samples at incredibly low prices, and be instantly inspired and making music in minutes, then please click here to visit www.wemakedancemusic.com’s web store for your next movie score, hit song, or mashup! In a pinch, you can find the exact sample library for your exact need, without paying top dollar for an 8GB library to get the sounds you need; they have sounds and templates by genre, format, stems, series, and also royalty free samples! For under $30, I had two sound libraries, downloaded in under four minutes, and was auditioning sounds in Ableton Live.


If you aren’t convinced from the highlighted sample kits I included in this article, I implore you to check out www.wemakedancemusic.com‘s sample library kits and templates out for 20% off with this promo code for ALL musicians and music producers who’re looking to save a buck!


PROMO CODE for 20% off purchases from www.wemakedancemusic.com at checkout:





From the We Make Dance Music website:

“Established in July of 2012, We Make Dance Music is a trusted community marketplace for producers, musicians and singers to discover, buy and sell unique music project files around the world. Whether a template to spark inspiration, sounds to enrich your production, or music files for your media project, We Make Dance Music allows people to share their ideas and passion for music in over 125 countries at any time. We promote a culture of curiosity and creativity through our products, services, and, most importantly, our artists. We aspire to create a centralized source of sound in the cloud empowering artists the world over to make music that moves people’s hearts and souls. Earning stable income from the sales of their music, artists are free to do more of what they love while the global community has access to an online catalog of innovative sounds. We will continue to empower creatives to make a living of their passion. We will consolidate our technology to fulfill our vision of a world where artists worldwide can thrive making the music of the future.”

~ by Starr Ackerman on September 7, 2018.

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