Top Broadcasters Using Technology at its Finest: KTLA’s Rich DeMuro covers Apple’s 2016 Announcements with iKlip A/V

KTLA’s Rich Demuro with USA Today’s Jefferson Graham on video

Rich DeMuro showing off his iKlip A/V to capture the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch event in September 2016

iKlip A/V


Rich DeMuro from KTLA TV’s Tech News

“This is the reality of local TV. We do our own stuff, so we’re recording live right now.” says KTLA’s #1 Tech reporter, Rich DeMuro, as he holds his iPhone connected to an iKlip A/V while shooting Jefferson Graham and Ed Baig from USA Today walking up to greet him. Jefferson remarks that he’s impressed with the IK Multimedia video rig he has, and they make some jokes about not being excited for the event, though they clearly are.

Apple’s Annual September Announcement event is highly televised, streamed, reported on and watched by millions of tech enthusiasts and broadcasters. KTLA’s Rich Demuro was using his iPhone and iKlip A/V to capture high resolution video and audio, and he was spotted by USA Today’s Jefferson Graham, who always uses IK’s iRig Mic HD and other IK products for his recordings in the field.

Check out the candid video of them running into each other right before the highly anticipated Apple announcement event for 2016, (iPhone cameras rolling).

Here is the video Rich Demuro shot with his iPhone and iKlip A/V from Apple’s event covering iPhone 7, which aired live on national TV.

To learn more about KTLA’s Rich Demuro and the iKlip A/V feature, please watch the featured video..

Record your next video with iKlip A/V.

~ by Starr Ackerman on September 8, 2016.

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