USA Today feature on iRig Mic, Print and Video from NAMM 2011

A scan of the USA Today feature on iRig Mic, front page of the MONEY section (and MY NAME is

On Monday, January 17th, 2010, USA Today (national United States newspaper) featured a story on making music with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad- and the iRig Mic (first handheld condenser microphone for the iPhone) was front and center. Jefferson Graham, USA Today’s “Talking Tech” editor, and musician, called me on the first day of the NAMM show to ask me if I would be there, and to set up an appointment to come and check out the best new products for making music with iDevices. Of course, I was completely thrilled to hear that he would be coming to visit, and showed him how to use the iRig Mic with VocaLive, an app for vocalists, and our new AmpliTube Fender, guitar and bass software for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad at the Winter NAMM 2011 show.

Here is the pic from the front page of the Money Section on USA Today, with IK Multimedia CEO, Enrico Iori.

Quoted directly from the printed article: iTrump, MusicReader apps help musicians stay on track

Some highlights from the show:

iRig microphone. Shipping in late February, the $59.99 iRig from IK Multimedia turns the iPad into a recording device for singers. Plug the microphone directly into the iPad, open up IK’s VocaLive app, and singers can lay down audio tracks, complete with effects such as reverb, delay and chorus. It’s also aimed at karaoke, podcasters who want to create their shows on the iPad, and radio DJs. With more than 125 million iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads in use, “That’s a whole lot of people who would be interested in our products,” says Starr Ackerman, director of public and artist relations for IK Multimedia, which makes music apps for Apple devices. “There’s a whole untapped market out there.”

Here is the video (I’m in

~ by Starr Ackerman on January 21, 2011.

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