Recording Yourself on iPad, iPhone, or Mac with iRig PRO – Video

IK Multimedia just released the iRig PRO: if you are a “do-it-yourself” kind of recording artist, or are new to the game and want one audio interface that does it all, then this is a great start. Imagine this: recording yourself using your favorite microphone, recording your own guitar/bass, and recording your MIDI instruments/keyboards, all into your iOS device or Mac. Pretty sweet.  Here is a video of iRig PRO being used to make a whole song:

OK, so you went and bought the iRig PRO, now what software do you use to record with? If you’re using an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and are primarily a vocalist, then you can start with VocaLive (get it free or paid version from iTunes, App Store). VocaLIve has all the goodies that you want (reverb, chorus, pitch FX, harmonizer, choir, delay, parametric EQ), plus the ability to record, overdub and export. You could load your pre-recorded tracks in, and sing over them, then export out with the finished song.

Guitarist/Bassist on iOS or Mac? AmpliTube is your app. This app has all the awesome brand names your looking for in amplifiers and effects: Fender, Marshall, Orange, Soldano, or (enter your favorite here). There is a free version, but you might as well go ahead and buy the $20 paid version from iTunes (App Store), since you will be adding effects and purchasing more amps anyway. If you’re on a Mac/PC, you’re going to want to download the AmpliTube Custom Shop (free download), and start there. The cool thing about the AmpliTube Custom Shop is, you can audition amps and effects for 48 hours before purchasing them. Try before you buy is usually the best way to do anything.

Keyboards? SampleTank baby. Available on App Store,  and also as a free download with 500 sounds for Mac/PC! You can record in your own sounds on the Mac/PC version…and the iOS version is pretty awesome – comes with a lot of sounds and also the ability to upgrade (make in-app purchases of orchestral sounds, drums, basses, whatever you need).

~ by Starr Ackerman on September 6, 2013.

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