For Girls: Spa Services – Before & After Photos of Juvederm XC, courtesy of Shrewsbury Medispa

The fountain of youth…for some, it takes daily dedication, a staunch regimen of excercise, vitamin dosage, wrinkle cream, exfoliation, moisturizer, and much much more. But sometimes genetics, stress and addictive habits like smoking, alcohol & drug abuse, sun-worshipping (sun-damage) and other social acceptable factors negate or rather, nullify, all of your attempts at keeping your skin healthy and wrinkle free. Most women look in the mirror daily, perusing their faces, looking for signs of aging and cringing at the sight of another fine line, or a deepening frown line in between the brows and on foreheads, laugh lines, etc. This post is for women wondering about safe and effective facial fillers to counteract those tell-tale signs of aging, and I would like to share a personal story from one of my favorite local spas, the Medispa at Shrewsbury in NJ, focusing on Juvederm XC.

What is Juvederm, and how can it eradicate the look of deep lines in the face, including frown/laugh lines, the nasolabial folds/deep creases around the mouth?

Margherite, owner of the Medispa at Shrewsbury in NJ, gave me her personal story on how this facial filler took ten years off of her face in under 20 minutes, with constructive application and practically painless injections. Margherite has an interesting story, because not only did she have deep lines around her mouth (they look like C’s, called “marionette lines” that appear on the Nasolabial folds), but she also had dark circles under her eyes and wrinkles that were settling on top of bone, which genetically, would not have disappeared and only deepened, due to the skin’s plumpness slowly decreasing over time, to actually show where the eye socket bone starts. I know it sounds kind of strange for this filler to be applied there, but the results were amazing.

I am a regular at Shrewsbury Medispa, a huge fan of the stellar microdermabrasions, swedish massage, IPL (photofacials) and relaxing/pampering facials they serve up (Christina and Maura are my main aestheticians that work with me). And one Saturday morning, I met Margherite, and she took one look at me and said that I had the same genetic affliction that she shared, a gradual decrease of the collagen plump that appears directly beneath the eye, and you can see a definitive line where my eye socket is underneath! Of course, this makes your eyes look darker, and the skin under there starts to wrinkle up, because basically, it has no where to go as the collagen decreases with age. Not only that, but your eyes look more and more tired ALL THE TIME because of it, and no amount of eye-brightening or pasty concealer make-up is going to counteract it. Only photoshop can do that…

Margherite explained to me that she had the doctor at her Medispa apply injections of Juvederm XC directly under the her eyes to counteract this affliction. Of course, being the skeptic I always am, thinking that someone is trying to sell me a bridge, I didn’t believe her. Then she pulled out some pictures from her wallet, before and after photos of what Juvederm had done to transform her eyes, deep facial lines (and even plumped up her lips!). I was in awe of the photos, because it looked like she lost ten years on her face, especially around the eyes and mouth area. I did some research on doctors providing the under-eye application of Juvederm and found that it is very rare for the medical professionals to do this, but this doctor did it…and with astounding results. Creatively, the Medispa at Shresbury is unique in that it is one of the very few places that can and will perform this radical procedure, and WELL!!!

Here are the before and after photos of Margherite’s transformation with Juvederm XC. If you look at her eyes, lips and the folds around her mouth, you will see that they have basically disappeared once the Juvederm was applied at the Medispa of Shrewsbury.

The first photo is a before and after pic of Margherite’s under-eye application of Juvederm. If you look at her before photo, you can see a definitive line where her eye socket starts, and a very dark circle with some wrinkling/bunching of skin just above it. Then look at the after photo, and see the incredible difference.
This innovative application technique of Juvederm from Shrewbury Medispa in NJ is what sets this spa apart from all other spas, and from the research I have done, few doctors will do this application of the filler, and the ones that have tried, have met with not-so-great results (some horror stories actually).

Margherite from Shrewsbury Medispa- Juvederm applied under eyes

Amazing transformation, before and after photos of Margherite from Shrewsbury Medispa- where Juvederm applied under eyes.

The second photo highlights the beautiful transformation of the lines around the mouth disappearing from the injections of Juvederm XC, both applications taking years off of Margherite’s face.

Margherite's Before and After photo of Juvederm, disappearance of marionette lines.

Margherite’s Before and After photo of Juvederm, disappearance of marionette lines.

If you are interested in learning more about these procedures from the great team at Shrewsbury Medispa, I highly suggest checking out their website and scheduling a consultation to see if you’re skin structure can benefit from their creative applications of the Juvederm XC facial filler.

Contact email and Shrewsbury Medispa website, click here.

Shrewsbury Medispa: Address: 480 Shrewsbury Plaza, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Phone: (732) 460-0600

~ by Starr Ackerman on October 25, 2012.

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