Help Build an “Arts Future” for Homeless Young Adults

Give to the homeless, and you may just have launched what could be the start of a winning career for the next Michael Jackson, or “insert your favorite artist name here”. ‘Tis the season to be charitable, so why not support the homeless arts community and do your part to give back!?!?

Click here to give to the Charity,!

From their website: Hollywood Arts is a one-of-a-kind arts academy for homeless and at risk young people ages 13-25. Since we first opened our doors in early 2007, more than 600 students have taken the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and develop a positive sense of self through classes in music, acting, fashion, dance, visual arts and more. Classes emphasize hands-on learning, mentor relationships, teamwork and technical skills, and are offered at no cost to the student. Using the arts as a vehicle, many of our classes lead to work-based mentorships, internships, and entry-level work opportunities.

But more than just a bunch of classrooms, teachers and students, Hollywood Arts has become a vital part of the community, serving as a safe haven, a melting pot for all the disenfranchised youth of all races, ethnicities and sexual orientation who have nowhere else to turn. Even though we are an arts based organization, our students come to us for housing referrals, medical services and other emergency services, not to mention the support and respect of our staff, volunteers and each other.
Click here to give to the Charity,!
Starr Ackerman’s Music Production Blog is proud to have sponsored this fundraiser for

~ by Starr Ackerman on December 22, 2010.

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