Shake the dust off and make some music! “Surrender” by Starr Ackerman

How do you get out of a songwriter’s block?

Sooo yeah, sometimes you go through what is called a “block” and fall into one or all of these scenarios:

1. Won’t look at or even open your studio computer.

2. Start a song, but never finish it,

3. Say things to yourself like, “I wish I had more time to do music”, whilst doing some other non-music making brain-dead activity like watching TV, or surfing/stalking Facebook.

The result? No music gets produced, and your life feels dull, and pointless. Yeah, you may have an incredible boyfriend/girlfriend, or an amazing job, or “insert something interesting here” that eats up the majority of your time, so you feel like you don’t need to make music to survive…but musicians always feel like there’s something missing if they’re not spending time creating non-verbal communication in the lab. Its almost like if you don’t tap into the universal creative platform, or atmosphere, or whatever the realm is that musicians pull their creativity from, its like the battery is dead until you recharge it, and get the feelings out into the universe. You have to surrender to your creative impulses…right? Right.

Whatever it is…I finally did it. I broke the creative songwriting block. I surrendered and turned on the studio computer. I re-downloaded all my plug-ins, and even bought some new ones. Then I started a track, gave myself a deadline (wow…) and finished the track on time!  Now, this is not my normal style of music creation… it’s on the ambient electronic side, but that’s what you get when you shake the dust off…and finally let it flow out of you.

Enjoy “Surrender” by me (Starr Ackerman)



~ by Starr Ackerman on August 28, 2012.

One Response to “Shake the dust off and make some music! “Surrender” by Starr Ackerman”

  1. realy love the synth on this track nice work


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