Download AmpliTube 3 FREE- Win Gear Credits to shop for amps and FX in AmpliTube’s Custom Shop!

AmpliTube Custom Shop

AmpliTube Custom Shop and IK Multimedia teamed up to bring you the easiest contest ever…

Guitarists, bassists, creative music producers/mixers and studio engineers are going to love this!

Enter to Win Gear Credits in AmpliTube’s Custom Shop Contest from IK and Broadjam!
Simply download AmpliTube 3 Free, and tell your 2 favorite models
Visit Broadjam’s Blog Contest and enter by Sept 6, 2011 for your chance to win gear credits to go shopping in IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube Custom Shop. Musicians can enter by downloading AmpliTube 3 FREE and telling about two of their favorite amps and effects. No purchase necessary to enter. 5 winners will be selected from Broadjam’s blog entries on Sept 7, 2011

From Broadjam and IK Multimedia, a chance to win 125 gear credits, or promo code, to go shopping in IK’s AmpliTube Custom Shop! 5 winners will be selected to win 125 each. Here’s the deal:

Musicians are welcome to download IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube FREE for Mac/PC, which includes the AmpliTube Custom Shop inside and comes stocked with an amazing 24 gear models to craft their signature guitar/bass tones, plus audition their favorite AmpliTube gear models like Orange, Soldano, Fender and more. Each model can be tried out for free (for a period of 2 days every 2 months) before purchase, the same way you would try out an amp in a real guitar shop.

Musicians may enter the contest simply by downloading AmpliTube 3 FREE, browse/audition their favorite gear models, and telling/posting on the Broadjam blog 2 of their favorite amps/effects and why they liked them. Five winners will be picked to receive 125 in gear credits to go shopping in the AmpliTube Custom Shop.

All entries must be posted by Sept 6, 2011.

Click here to enter the IK Multimedia and AmpliTube Custom Shop Blog Contest.

Download AmpliTube 3 FREE right now to get started! Click here.
Good LUCK!!

~ by Starr Ackerman on August 24, 2011.

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