Sing a Song, Post to YouTube and Win an IRig Mic from TLD Today and IK Multimedia!

Win iRig Mic from IK and TLD Today! – Sing a Song as a Video Response on YouTube!

Here’s your chance to win the iRig Mic, just for having some kind of video camera and a YouTube account….all you have to do to enter the TLD Today iRig Mic video contest  is make a video of yourself singing (it doesn’t matter WHAT or HOW GOOD you are either) and post it to TechFast Lunch and Dinner’s Contest Video as a video response. Two winners will be selected (and so far, there are already over 35 video responses to this contest!!- so you better get crack-a lackin!)

Check out the video of Jonathan Morrison from TLD Today telling you how to enter to win the iRig Mic with your video response.

Learn more about the iRig Mic, a condenser microphone for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from IK Multimedia. You can use the iRig Mic with GarageBand for iPad, iRig Recorder, VocaLive, AmpliTube for iPhone, iPod and more.

GOOD LUCK!!!!! Some of these videos are funny as hell…

PS. They even gave me a shoutout! Thanks Jonathan~ Starr Ackerman ~ Public Relations for music software and hardware

~ by Starr Ackerman on June 16, 2011.

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