Single Boy Scout Makes a Music Dept for Autistic Children!

I had to share this amazing story… Recently, I attended a charity luncheon for the Search Day Program, a school for autistic children and adults, hosted by the Search Auxiliary, a charity that supports the school for autistic children in Ocean Township, NJ. The president of the school had an incredible story to tell us about a boy scout who asked politely if he could raise money for the autistic school as part of his badge program. To make a long story short, this one boy scout raised enough money to outfit a complete room at the school, turning it into a music dept. He got music instruments donated, like guitars, keyboards and basses, and renovated the room at the school!!!¬† It’s one example of how one person, even a child, can really make a difference in the community. I’m hoping to find this kid and interview him, and maybe even get more charitable support for this school by spreading the story to the local news…

To donate money to the renovation of the SearchDayProgram school for autism, please click here to visit their website. Here is their address as well:

Search Day Program
73 Wickapecko Dr.
Ocean, New Jersey 07712
(732) 531-0454

~ by Starr Ackerman on February 9, 2011.

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