Rana June Rocks with GrooveMaker on her iPad DJ Decks!

Gizmodo.com reveals the new “iPad DJ” in video:

Rana June Sobhany is riding the new wave of technology, using two iPads for DJ decks with a mixer for live play. Working on her new live music project. called “Destroy the Silence“, she puts together some great beats with no laptop or synth needed—this gal’s an iPad DJ. What’s she using? GrooveMaker House and GrooveMaker Hip-Hop! Check out the video on Gizmodo.com!

Here are quotes from her website:

“The inspiration for ‘Destroy the Silence’ came from my research the night before the launch of the iPad as I scoured the App Store for the coolest iPad apps available pre-launch. I kept finding these amazing apps and for some reason, I decided to download them, even before I even had the iPad!”

“So here I was, $200 later (that’s a lot of apps, by the way), with a ton of cool iPad apps I couldn’t use, and I realized that most of them were music creation apps. Fortunately, the IK Multimedia apps, the GrooveMaker series, were also available on the iPhone, so I spent about 4 hours of my time in line waiting for the iPad to go on sale doing beat-matching with these apps. I was instantly hooked. I checked out the screenshots of the apps I’d downloaded and it seemed that they made the process of live music sequencing pretty easy. I purchased my iPad and got to work that day.”

I caught up with Rana June Sobhany after her Gizmodo iPad video debut, and she told IK:

“I really just wanted to be able to make music live, using apps for DJing. The sounds and functions in GrooveMaker for iPad made it possible to do that so easily.  The multi-touch surface controls were really intuitive! I’m so glad IK spent time making this stuff work for DJs to use on the stage! I can’t wait to use the rest of the GrooveMaker series when they are available for the iPad. I own all of them (the different GrooveMaker versions) for the iPhone.”

~ by Starr Ackerman on April 21, 2010.

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