How to Plug your Guitar into Your Computer: AmpliTube Fender Studio’s “Guitar Mutant” Tells All…

Ok…this has to be the easiest way for a beginner, or even a pro who is on tour in a bus to plug his/her guitar or bass into the computer and get crazy good amp sounds from Fender. It’s called AmpliTube Fender Studio, it comes with a guitar audio interface cable, which is quarter inch into your axe, and USB straight into your computer. You use the AmpliTube Fender SE guitar software to get the amp and effects sounds, perfect for live play or just recording some licks to get the flow going.

But if you didn’t understand a word of what I just wrote, then take it from watching the “international guitar mutant” – Gregt Koch (pronounced Cock?) who shows you the simple deal of how to plug your guitar into the computer with AmpliTube Fender Studio (which includes the StealthPlug). I thought this was a really funny and informative commercial to share on guitar recording and music production.

Hope this video made you laugh…Thanks again for reading Starr Ackerman‘s Music Production Blog!

~ by Starr Ackerman on March 15, 2010.

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