Happy Birthday to Starr Ackerman’s Music Production Blog! 1 Year Old!

A throwback to some of the best posts, interviews and articles on music production from my blog!

Starr Ackerman's Music Production Blog & PR/AR

On Feb 10, 2010, I created this music production blog to help other people find inspiration and helpful information to make music. Today, Starr Ackerman’s Music Production Blog is 1 Year Old! Here are links to some of the best posts from last year:

For musicians who are starting out and just want to learn how to make music, or build a computer music studio:

Making Music in the 21st Century- VST, plug-in, DAW Software, iDevice or DIE!

How can I plug my guitar into my computer to record? Audio Interface

What is a MIDI controller? Why do I need one to make music?

Best / Funniest Demo Video (and artist participation!):

The iPhone and iPad gets a condenser microphone: iRig Mic Video Demo with Starr Ackerman and CJ Pierce, guitarist for Drowning Pool!

Best Artist Video Interviews on Music Production with Software/Hardware (best showcase of my artist relations/public relations coordination and…

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~ by Starr Ackerman on August 12, 2014.

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