iLoud Bluetooth Speaker/ Amplifier – Hear the difference – comparison videos!

Until now. the mobile music revolution was just a dream…but this may be the final piece to your puzzle (how to have the best PA, Bluetooth speaker, or small amplifier that fits in your backpack) for gigs, home life, and just general partying. The answer? iLoud. 

The specs: 40 Watts (freaking 3 to 5X louder than anything else you’re able to get for a Bluetooth speaker). The website says 2 to 3x, but if you listen to the comparison videos…I would think differently. Also, has an input on the back, so its an AMPLIFIER – instant PA system for someone needing a direct input for a microphone, bass, guitar, keys…or any other LINE level instrument. This feature makes it unique in the market, and besides being loud as f***, its definitely worth plugging into and playing through. Not only that...pair it with your phone or iPad and just play tunes, DJ at your next party…or, for the musician, use it as a personal portable studio monitor! Flattened frequency response will ensure you get the best representation of the sound while creating and performing music on your iOS device or BTLE enabled device. Plus, it has 7-9 hours of Li-ion battery life. Awesome!

Okay, enough with the gushing…so here are the comparison videos so you can make YOUR OWN DECISION 🙂

Here are comparison videos for a very popular “pro-sumer” BT speakers on the market (which I might add, none have an input for a line level instrument, and therefore, iLoud is unique in the market as also being a 40-watt BT speaker + amplifier!)

iLoud vs other popular speakers – Part 1

iLoud vs other popular speakers – Part 2

iLoud vs other popular speakers – Part 3

To learn more about iLoud from IK Multimedia, please visit the IK Multimedia website, click here.

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~ by Starr Ackerman on November 6, 2013.

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