“Sound of Contact” performs an all-iOS band show in NYC with IK Multimedia apps/peripherals

When you can replace all of your gear and go out and play a live show by shoving almost everything into your backpack, then you just can’t deny that the “Mobile Music Revolution” has begun. At the end of the summer, I had the honor of being part of producing a live show featuring “Sound of Contact” playing an all IOS performance, recreating their songs and using only iPads, and IK Multimedia’s apps and peripherals. Here is a video from the ‘iRig Gig” – from the Engadget/ Gdgt Live show in NYC.

Who are they and what are they using?

This video shows “Sound of Contact” – which is Simon Collins on vocals (son of Phil Collins), Dave Kerzner on Keyboards, and Matt Dorsey on guitar. Simon is singing through an iRig Mic, using the VocaLive app on his iPad. Dave Kerzner is using the iRig KEYS, plugged into his iPad, running SampleTank (for keyboard sounds and drums). Matt Dorsey is playing his guitar through AmpliTube, using an iRig HD. This band was able to recreate and perform some songs from their new album (on iTunes) for a stage performance by using just IK Multimedia’s apps, peripherals and iOS mobile devices. It was quite a show! They also had some of the original touring members of Pink Floyd singing through VocaLive and playing through AmpliTube.

Click here to learn more about Sound of Contact, and click here to learn more about playing and performing music live on your iOS mobile devices from IK Multimedia.

~ by Starr Ackerman on October 1, 2013.

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