Recording and Performing Vocals on the iPad: VocaLive app + iRig Mic, video

Yeah yeah yeah…you want to record vocals, but you want them to sound like an angry alien? Maybe a dirty old hoe from back in the day? Or maybe you want to sound like a tranny who’s hit rock bottom and thinks she’s Rihanna? Well, whether or not you actually sound like the guy-version of Rihanna, you can do it all with VocaLive for iPad and the iRig Mic. Not only that, but you can set up multiple presets or “favorites” and take your bad ass on stage and do it all. And if you actually have talent and can sing, then VocaLive has the ability to make you sound even better…AND>> just in case you had a few drinks before you hit the stage- pitch correction is there to “assist you” in working that mic.

So anytime you want to break out the iPad and record your ideas…yep, you got the sketch pad for it, baby. VocaLive for iPad gives you 1 -track of recording for free, and the ability to upgrade to 8 tracks of recording, so you may overdub to your heart’s delight! Plus, pull in somebody else’s vocals, and add a guitar track, and add the full song, whatever. Bounce it all down and send it to the record label, or be your own record label and use Tunecore!

Have an iPhone, or iPod touch? Well, you can still use VocaLive, baby. The only difference is that you can upgrade to 4-tracks of recording.

Did I mention that it’s great for Karaoke? Or how about Broadcasting? VocaLive is perfect for both…can make you sound great with its natural sounding Reverb and EQ settings.

OK, so now the real question, where do I get VocaLive? The iTunes App Store.

2nd question? Where do I get a microphone that plugs directly into my iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (and even Android) that won’t empty my wallet? iRig Mic from IK Multimedia is your best bet – only costs $59, and you can get it from all the major consumer electronics and music stores like Guitar Center. The iRig Mic is a condenser microphone, perfect for recording vocals, guitars or even interviews. It has three sensitivity settings, so you can basically kill the background noise or mike something 15 feet away if needed.

Here is a video demo of iRig Mic and VocaLive that we made from the NAMM show. I was showing it to CJ Pierce, guitarist from “Drowning Pool”. It’s pretty funny, and gets the point across. Enjoy~

Learn more about VocaLive and iRig Mic from IK Multimedia, click here.

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~ by Starr Ackerman on September 20, 2013.

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