iLoud, a mobile, 40-watt bluetooth speaker/amplifier -USA Today Video interview with Starr Ackerman

Imagine this: you’re a one-man operation when producing and/or performing music. Or imagine this: you’re a professional studio engineer/producer/musician and you travel a lot, and you would like a personal, portable studio monitor. Or how about this? You think your bluetooth speaker isn’t loud enough, and basically, you’re looking for a nice sound system for your home, or something you can take with you to help out a party. What do you need? iLoud from IK Multimedia. A 40-watt bluetooth speaker that’s LOUD as HELL : stack it up against any other bluetooth speaker and it will basically destroy the competition. iLoud has a pretty flat frequency response; which means no bass heavy distortion, great for representation of music – whether you are playing, performing or producing. BONUS: iLoud has the iRig circuitry built into the back of the unit, so you can plug in a line level instrument (guitar, bass, vocal, etc) and use it as an amplifier!!!

Here is a video interview I did with USA Today’s Jeff Graham from NAMM for iLoud. Check out the video by clicking here to check out how iLoud sounds with a guitar running through it (bluetooth from an iPad, with AmpliTube as the app).


Check out Jefferson Graham from USA Today play through iLoud with his guitar and learn more about this badass 40-watt bluetooth speaker/amplifier from IK Multimedia

Is iLoud expensive? Not really, just think about how much your stereo, speaker monitors or (insert expensive sound system here) and decrease the cost by a couple 100 or thousand dollars (iLoud is $299 US).

When will IK Multimedia be releasing iLoud? Soon. Better start thinking about it now…Learn more about iLoud from IK Multimedia’s website, click here.

~ by Starr Ackerman on September 12, 2013.

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  1. I’m specifically looking for “Sigh of the Wind” Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I just want this one song and I only pay for things online with Paypal. Where can I get this song in MIDI?.


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