GarageBand released on iPhone, iPod Touch, but how do I record vocals, guitar, and MIDI?

GarageBand for iPhone, iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store

Apple’s iOS music creation app phenomenon, GarageBand, is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in addition to the iPad. Yay for all music creators in the world with iOS devices! But how are these musicians going to record their vocals, guitar and MIDI keyboard information into GarageBand for iPhone? You got it…the IK Multimedia “iRig” line of music accessories! How do you take the #1 music app in the world and enhance that experience? Read below:

Let’s talk about vocals…You have a few choices out there, but everybody knows that condenser mics are the best for vocals, and iRig Mic is your direct microphone of choice here. Its not only a condenser, but also needs no other input method than direct input- straight into the headphone jack of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Plug it in and record to GarageBand baby! Plus, the iRig Mic will work with ANY APP that will accept an audio input (doesn’t have to be for just recording music). What does that mean? Ever heard of karaoke apps like Glee? How about recording audio to the video app on your iPhone? Ever wanted a quality recording input for that? iRig Mic is your answer.

iRig Mic for recording vocals to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using GarageBand, VocaLive, iRig Recorder or other apps accepting an audio input.

How to record Guitar and Bass to GarageBand for iOS? The iRig plug adapter is the  weapon of choice for a direct input to record into iPhone, iPod touch or iPad & iPad 2 with any app that will accept this input. The iRig plug adapter for guitar/bass/or any 1/4 inch instrument input needed will work for recording into GarageBand for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (any version). Not only that, but iRig will work for any app that needs a 1/4 inch input for getting your guitar signal, or instrument signal into your iDevice. Plus, the iRig allows for headphone monitoring (its an input, and an output, it has a headphone output!) while you rock on in your living room, or even on the stage.

iRig plug adapter for recording guitar and bass into your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using GarageBand, AmpliTube, AmpliTube Fender or other app

But here’s the real deal question/fix of the century…Let’s fix a problem! Ok…so GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch is a CORE MIDI compliant app. The iPhone or the iPod touch only has a small tactile user interface. How do I use a MIDI controller to access the tiny ass keys of the GarageBand app on my iPhone/iPod touch? Or, I want to play keyboards or the drums on GarageBand for iPhone, but I’d rather connect to my AKAI MPC or MPK and use the MIDI drum pads or keys to do it, so how do I connect a MIDI controller when the camera connection kit only works for iPad? Problem solved: You can connect ANY MIDI controller to work with GarageBand for iOS using the iRig MIDI connector. Yes, iRig again. Are you seeing a trend here? For more information on iRig MIDI, please click here to visit the IK Multimedia website to see all the apps that will work with iRig MIDI.

Thanks for reading Starr Ackerman’s music production blog. You are welcome to click on any of the iOS accessory photos in this article to learn more about the iRig producta for use with GarageBand for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iRig MIDI for connecting your keyboard or drum machine MIDI controller to GarageBand, SampleTank, AmpliTube, AniMoog or any other Core MIDI compliant app for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

~ by Starr Ackerman on November 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “GarageBand released on iPhone, iPod Touch, but how do I record vocals, guitar, and MIDI?”

  1. I just bought an irig. It works with amplitude but not with garage band, which is what I bought it for


    • Hi,

      If you are referring to the IRig MIC, then it does work with GarageBand…you just can’t monitor in the headphones because GarageBand defaults to the internal microphone (which would create a feedback loop in your headphones!)

      Hope this helps.




  2. this is a pretty awesome app. Sometimes i think technology hurts the integrity of music but in cases like this i think its definitely a plus. great post keep up the hard work. check these out IStillGotMyGuitar


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