USA Today on iPhone 4: “AmpliTube’s electrifying new app” and the iRig

AmpliTube for iPhone and the iRig connector is getting major media attention, recently from USA Today’s Jeff Graham – a video showing how to use it with your guitar or bass. He shows it with the new iPhone 4!

USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham, with Stratocaster in hand, reviews IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube app, which enables him to power up the guitar with the iPhone 4. On the Talking Tech video show.

Here are some quotes from his experience using the AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad apps, and plugging his guitar into his iPhone to rock out:

“Of the most amazing wonders of recent times, surely this has to be one of them. Now there’s an app that let’s you plug an electric guitar into the iPhone, and proceed to rock out.”

“IK Multimedia’s $19.99 AmpliTube does just that — but you’ll need the $39.99 iRig accessory to really make it happen. With one end of the rig, you take your guitar cord, the same one you would use for your amp, and plug it into the guitar and the iRig. Then you take a speaker cord, or headphone, if you prefer, for amplified sound.”

“From there, you get a multitude of different sounds (the usual mix — fuzz, chorus, delay, even wah-wah) and it actually sounds like you’re going through an amp. There’s less power of course, and if you really want to wail, you’ll need some heavy duty speakers.”

“But the fact is you can use the iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad) as one cool little practice amp. IK offers a basic app for free (to just power up the guitar) along with a $2.99 version that has a few sounds. The full $19.99 baby has 5 amp sounds and 11 stompbox effects.”

Watch the video from USA TODAY for AmpliTube for iPhone and AmpliTube iRig.

Check out the full article and video on AmpliTube iRig from USA TODAY.

Learn more about plugging your guitar or bass into your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with AmpliTube apps and the iRig plug interface adapter.

~ by Starr Ackerman on June 25, 2010.

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